5 Android Apps to Prank your Friends & Family

Android Apps

1. WhatsMock

WhatsMock is an adaptable phony talk application that mirrors the genuine WhatsApp. Its smooth interface gives you simple authority over how your clueless companions see your trick talk.

The application’s name shows up on your visit for lawful reasons, and it doesn’t disappear regardless of whether you buy the professional variant. Nonetheless, that brand name is little enough that it’s not effortlessly seen – particularly when you switch on its dull mode. For additional secrecy, you can alter out the brand name with a picture manager before conveying a screen capture of your phony talk.

You even get the opportunity to alter the encryption text on another visit; and on the off chance that you like, you can set it to the default WhatsApp encryption text. Your capacity to trick your companions with counterfeit statuses, just as phony booked or moment WhatsApp voice and video considers make this an ideal method to pull a few tricks with your Android gadget.

Download: WhatsMock (Free) | WhatsMock Pro ($3.99)

2. Lie Detector Prank

Here’s a fake Android adaptation of untruth identification calculations. While some falsehood finder trick applications require the presence of your companions to appreciate the fun, this one doesn’t really require anybody around.

This makes it perhaps the best trick to play, particularly in case you’re having a distressing day. To utilize it, you just need to filter the substance of your companion while asking them something. On the off chance that the other individual isn’t genuinely present, they can send their present outward appearance over online media visit.

The stunt is that by squeezing the volume catches of your Android gadget, you get the opportunity to control the result of the sweep. Joined with sharing the outcomes over online media, playing tricks with a “lie locator” over visit gets diverting. The sound that accompanies the application adds to its unusual impact, as well.

Download: Lie Detector Face Test Simulator Prank (Free, in-app purchase available)

3. Broken Screen Prank

A broke screen is an unnerving sight to any cell phone proprietor. So to surprise your companions, a wrecked screen trick is an incredible fit.

Despite the fact that the Broken Screen Prank application highlights both break and fire screen choices, the split alternatives stick out. These have impacts you can browse to mirror the seriousness of the “harm.”

These choices, particularly the ink-on-the-screen impact, will look horrendous to any individual who appreciates their gadget’s screen. You can likewise choose whether to apply the break when you contact the screen or shake your telephone.

Download: Broken Screen Prank (Free)

4. Stun Gun Simulator

While the Stun Gun Simulator trick application clearly doesn’t stun individuals, it actually recreates the look and sound yield of a genuine immobilizer. This makes it a viable trick to play on anybody, since they definitely don’t have any desire to get dazed.

The straightforward interface of the application lets you pick the impact you need. At the point when you long-press the gigantic immobilizer picture, it gives your telephone a shocking sound that matches up along with your telephone’s electric lamp.

Download: Stun Gun Simulator (Free)

5. Fake Call Prank

The Fake Call Prank application has numerous highlights that make it one of the most deceptive call tricks accessible. On the off chance that you’ve been in circumstances where you have to settle on a day to day existence sparing decision, introducing a phony call trick application on your gadget can really demonstrate helpful, as well.

At the point when you open the application, the Caller alternative lets you tweak the name and number of the individual “calling” you. You can likewise put a moment bring in critical circumstances. In any case, a more astute method of playing your trick is to plan a call with the Schedule alternative. Despite the fact that the time periods aren’t excessively adaptable, you can in any case set the circumstance without your companions presuming a conscious demonstration.

The Voice choice lets you record a note to use during a call. Also, you get the chance to pick a default ringtone or select from your music display to cause it to appear to be more sensible.

Counterfeit Call Prank reenacts the specific consider interface by giving you the alternative to either take or reject a call. What’s more, when you do accept a call, the clock peruses simply like that of a genuine call.

Download: Fake Call Prank (Free)

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