Why FaceBook Advertising Sucks for Professionals And What To Do About It.

I first started running Facebook advertisement to generate inquiries way back in 2009.
It’s not the panacea that it’s made out to be by all people offering Facebook marketing courses and online funnels.

Way back then I could get an opt-in for around a dollar each but I gave up on Facebook advertisements when they hit the $12 per opt-in level back in 2016.

Facebook advertising has never produced high-quality leads however when it was an inexpensive, what it lacked in terms of quality was made up for in terms of quantity.

I shut down my Facebook advertising account and 2016.

There were only really four problems with Facebook advertising.

1. They are incredibly expensive

2. They produce exceptionally poor leads

3. When done correctly the very complicated. You need to split test every side of at least five different levels including two different advertisements, two different landing pages, two different offers, two different sets of auto responders, and to upsell offers and you need to measure the results at every single step and you need to kill off the loser of every split test at every level and replace it with a new challenger. That’s if you go to do it well and you would not want to do it less than well.
4. They fail to provide you with the absolutely critical opportunity of building rapport, respect, relatability and reciprocity with your prospect. When you’re marketing professional services it’s far more like you’re proposing marriage than it is selling a washing machine. You are in effect asking the prospect to enter into a relationship of trust with you and for that you need time with them which Facebook adverts don’t facilitate unless the advertisement is going to lead to something like a webinar or seminar. And having said that, no one in their right mind would you want to use Facebook advertisements to fill webinars and seminars when there is a different option that is inexpensive, inexhaustible and produces exceptionally high quality leads.

When it comes to scaling high-quality, inbound lead generation a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that it’s all about finding your ideal clients.

That’s like thinking of fishing with a fishing line.

Your whole world will change when you is good thinking about finding your ideal clients and start thinking about finding the people have your ideal clients.

I call this OPN, or Other People’s Networks.

It’s simple to explain but frankly more challenging to execute effectively.

But to get you started, allow me to overview how it works.

Google search for a phrase which describes your target market and in doing so you’ll uncover a million or more people who are offering something to the target market.

That’s step one.

In step two you start an email database with a platform like www.mailchimp.com which is completely free and you set up an added value opt in opportunity on your website such as you’ll find for my inbound marketing book. That will get you starting in building your email list.

Step three is that you build rapport and establish reciprocity with one high-quality contact that you unearthed in your Google search. You can do that by inviting them to guest blog on your website or to be a guest on your podcast show or any other way you can think of that gives them exposure to your email list and social media followers and LinkedIn connections, however many there may be.

Step four is to realize the potential of the reciprocity that you just created and ask them if they’d be interested in some form of joint venture cross marketing opportunity. This could be to present a webinar to each other’s email lists or to promote a free giveaway to each other’s email lists.

Either way you’re now growing a high-quality email list of people that are eager to know more about your work.

Author Bio:

Tom Poland is a multiple best-selling author of numerous marketing books including his latest Inbound Marketing Book and has been a marketing professional for 39 years. He lives at Castaways Beach in Queensland, Australia.

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