One of the problems many Android users face is when we want to delete applications and sometimes those cannot be deleted. In many cases manufacturers install apps in the mobile operating system which cannot be uninstalled, much like disable.

Many people turn them off and do not continue to find out how to delete applications on Android without root because they believe it is impossible, when in fact you do not need to root your device to delete applications. Do you want to know how? Keep reading.

Remove applications on Android without root

  • First of all, you will have to activate USB debugging, to do so you have to go to Settings> About phone> Compilation number and on this you must press seven times in a row until the message appears confirming that the developer options are unlocked .
  • Now you have to download the app inspector, with this app that you can download from here , we can know where each application is located, something that is important to be able to eliminate them.
  • At the same time you will need to download USB Drivers and ADB Drivers.
  • After installing everything you have to press on start and type CMD then run as administrator and you should open a black box.
  • Connect the phone with the original USB cable to the computer.
  • Next, type adb devices
  • You should see List of devices attached and a number appears to identify your phone.
  • Now type adb shell
  • After this write: pm list packages | grep ‘name of your phone’s brand’
  • A list of packages that applications have on your mobile appear. You have to use App Inspector to know what applications to erase.
  • Now write: pm uninstall -k -user 0 ‘package name’

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Delete Applications on Android

How to delete applications without root

Of course, be careful with the applications that you are going to eliminate since many are important for the system to work correctly. So in this sense you should be very careful.

Likewise, I always recommend making a backup of all your data because if something goes wrong, what you can do is a hard reset and problem solved, but carefully and verifying what you are going to erase should not have many problems.

In this simple way you can learn how to delete applications without root in Android , since as you will see it is not at all complicated to remove applications without root in Android, any questions you may have, leave it in the comments box a little further down.