Revolution in Business: The Challenges of Marketing

Revolution in Business The Challenges of Marketing

Marketing is digitizing to meet the needs of increasingly connected consumers. To survive the competition, many companies are beginning their digital transformation. An approach sometimes fraught with pitfalls.

Since the advent of new technologies like Microsoft Top, the marketing world has evolved by integrating into its functions new digital practices. Internet sites, online marketing or e-marketing are areas that companies have learned to master. We are talking today about digital marketing that experts call revolution marketing concepts. Results-oriented, companies have no choice but to enter the digitization process to satisfy an increasingly connected customer base.

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Digitization is no longer a luxury or a choice:

This is imperative for business survival. The concept adapts or perish makes sense in this area. Companies that opt for traditional methods only take big risks and endanger their commercial stability. The main goal of the marketing approach is to approach potential customers. The latter are very connected to platforms such as Facebook, Netflix, YouTube, you have to adapt.

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Big Data is a gold mine for companies

These may have access to information that can improve the marketing of their products or services. Nowadays, everything is quantifiable in the field of marketing. Nothing is done by chance. With accurate information, it is possible to estimate the return on investment of each marketing campaign. This way, companies can better define their budget and adopt an appropriate approach one of SEO expert explained. He adds that digitization brings many benefits including global reach, cost optimization, customization of the customer approach, among others.

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The consumer

In the world, change is often scary and sometimes generates debates. But when it comes to digitization, the experts agree that consumers have started on the ground without necessarily realizing it. One of the experts in digital marketing explains that digital is now an integral part of the life of Mauritians. “Digital acceptance has been slow, but surely. The Internet has revolutionized habits in virtually every area of our lives and our behavior as a consumer is no exception. Before buying a product, we instinctively do research on the Internet and we let ourselves be tempted by advertisements that appear on our newsfeed Facebook. Most of us are taped to our smartphones. In addition, to facilitate digital transformation, banks have made available to consumers applications that facilitate transactions. The worldwide companies have had little choice but to follow the trend, “he observes.

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Regarding the above explanation, one of other expert explain “The relationship of companies with their customers is improved. The company can communicate with the consumer, analyze his behavior and expectations. A win-win situation”

These new jobs

Embarking on the digital transformation is not limited to acquiring new tools. With digitization, the marketing department of a company had to create new positions.

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“Digital marketing is now an essential component of marketing and communication. Companies are more and more present on social networks such as Facebook. There is a growing demand for Community Managers. In addition, for many companies, training in the digital professions of their employees is the challenge of digital transformation. Some of them even recruit a person in charge specifically of their digital transition. The latter is responsible for accompanying the change. It is also responsible for coordinating actions to be taken in terms of training or the deployment of new tools. ”

Is the digital transformation the death knell of traditional marketing?

Despite all the digital innovations, we have many reasons to believe that traditional marketing will not be completely obsolete, at least for a few more years. Indeed, the fundamental principle of marketing is to popularize the services and products of a company to potential customers. Several factors such as the culture of the country and the nature of the product or service come into play.

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Traditional advertising, however, must remain on the alert, because digital tools that are less expensive are causing a rapid change in digital communication techniques. It costs less to make a site for SEO products or services than to make billboards or magazines. Thanks to digital tools, we can target specific audiences through relocation.

It is also possible to categorize them according to their age, gender, a time they spend on the Internet, the language they use and their interests, among others. There are also many methods for communicating online. But it should be well used and especially to target customers.

Has the behavior of consumer really changed?

Consumer behavior has actually evolved with the influence of digital. From online intelligence gathering to in-store purchase, the customer journey is now much more complex. The evolution of means and levers of communication clearly increase the points of contact with the consumer. New technologies allow businesses to approach the customer much more effectively by using tools such as email, social networks, and applications.

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The consumer is now at the center of the brand, regardless of the distribution channel he uses. However, even though many consumers start by learning online, they mostly want to see, use or touch the products before buying. It is for this reason that some Mauritian companies offer buyers to pay on delivery. This is evidence that digital technology can not completely replace traditional methods.

What do you think is the best marketing approach?

There is no better marketing approach nowadays because each product is subject to a given type of communication according to the adopted strategy. However, to communicate well, one must think of the strategy before adopting a means of communication. A well thought out strategy makes it possible to position one’s communication that meets the needs and expectations of potential customers.

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Companies must make the right choice in terms of communication tools, to avoid unnecessary expenses. It is also important to define a communication strategy and better structure and coordinate the actions or tools to be used with long-term planning. For better planning, the company must determine their target, the message to convey, their position relative to their competitors and the human resources they have.

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