10 Node.Js and JavaScript Libraries For Brisk Project Development

Best 10 Node Js and Javascript

Node.js has always been a more prominent framework across the development ecosystem. Node.js exploded in popularity right around the same time during the burst in micro services. And with that came the wave of Node.js development services and solutions.

Node.js fits superbly well into the Docker containers. Today, our web packets travel to Node.js stacks, provoking more calls to more Node.js servers. And, each delivers a portion of the data that fills our screens.

Here are 10 different open source projects which will make the future projects faster and easier. You can churn-up a microservice with just few lines of JavaScript. You can keep adding more and more microservices on top of each other, until you’ve got your own cluster of microservices working together in perfect unison.


The architectures involves plethora of microservices containing multiple parts and all of these parts have an automatic interface with the outside world. Swagger provides a standard format to design these APIs. Swagger turns your ideas into both human readable documentation and machine-readable testing code.


Illustrate your microservice architecture in order to create rules that match some pattern of the incoming parameters. Write a function and patterns that construe when it should fire, and Seneca will take care of the rest. There are plug-ins that connect to all of the major databases.


Restify is a framework offering classic routing by using Sinatra-style collection of chained function invocations. Insert your own customized code as and when needed. With Restify, you can also insert standard debugging calls to all the different routes automatically.


If your app requires proxy work to keep the pipes connected, Redbird offers a reverse-proxy generating machine with the support for most of the sophisticated encryption algorithms to create privacy.


If you want to build a quick API with Node.Js, you can use LoopBack. It is another framework which turns it into a full API. All the CRUD functions come included in it for manipulating the objects. The standard databases are supported by easily installed connectors, making LoopBack a great way to undertake microservice.


With Koa you can build largely extensive pipelines for your data. Your functions invoke other functions and then get another crack at the data when it’s coming back.


With Hapi, you can handle the basic configuration for websites or for the microservices that are used to back up the websites. With dozens of plugins, you can handle some of the standard jobs for microservices like security and configuration.


Cote offers zero-configuration. Isn’t that amazing already? However, it isn’t completely null because you will need to spell out some basic details of your objects and APIs. Cote organizes itself after that and saves from configuring IP addresses, ports, and routes.


With Claudia.Js, you can move your Node.js routines to AWS Lambda or AWS API Gateway. Once you grab your routines for responding to events, Claudia will deploy them with a single invocation of the command line.


Molecular offers core important features for spreading a heavy load across a cluster, with intelligent balancing based upon CPU load or latency and purely random selection or round robin.


When you look back at the history of Node.js development services and solutions, you may notice that it has come a long way. Node.Js has soared high since it was first introduced. The demand for Node.js based web development has shot up considerably over the years. An entrepreneur will not leave a single stone unturned today to hire Node.js developer who is well-versed and experienced in the respective subject. Node.js web development has a long way to go before it sees the end of the light.

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