How to Choose the Best Smartphone For Yourself This Festive Season

How to Choose the Best Smartphone

From scheduling business meetings within seconds and booking flight tickets effortlessly to connecting with family and friends abroad and capturing stunning photographs, you can do all this and much more with the help of a modern mobile phone. However, with new launches updated with the latest innovation every other day, it can get difficult for you to zero in on the best smartphone, be it an OPPO mobile or a model by Samsung. While the battery is important, so it is lag-free usage, and while the style and design is essential, so it the convenience you get from other features related to display and security. Apart from this, you may be looking for a mobile phone based on a budget, and may have to give up on one feature to enjoy another.

To help you navigate all the models in the market and make an informed decision, here are 6 important aspects to focus on.

Pay attention to the processor

A powerful, speedy processor with a sizeable number of cores ensures that you enjoy a smooth navigation experience, can multitask seamlessly, can play your favourite games without any lags and can carry out various business and image editing tasks without hassles. Further, efficient processors also smartly utilise the phones resources, thus prolonging your phone’s battery life.

Evaluate the screen size

Strive to strike a balance between visual experience and the ease of handling the device. If you are looking for a compact phone that will easily fit into your pocket, opt for a screen size of around 5 inches. However, for better visuals, you can go in for a smartphone with a screen size of above 5.5 inches. Similarly, if you are into gaming or consume a lot of content, you can consider a 6-inch smartphone as this would make for immersive viewing.

Check the display quality and design

Once you decide on the screen size, inquire into aspects like colour quality, resolution and viewing angles. Likewise, check specifications to know brightness levels and settings as these determine the ease with which you can use the device without strain. In terms of aesthetics and build, design matters and depending on usage and preference you can select a smartphone with a metal, glass or a plastic body. Further, today, many mobile phones, especially the pricier ones, offer sleek designs with slim bezels and are water-resistant too.

Review the battery’s performance

Having a large battery is always a boon but unfortunately, this comes at the expense of a weightier price tag or a heavier phone. Look for a capacity of about 3000mAh for intermediate usage and something in the range of 4000 – 5000mAh if you require to be without a charger for long. Also, many smartphones today come with fast charging functionality that helps you get back to action quickly and so, opt for a mobile phone that supports it, if your budget permits it.

Settle for more RAM and in-storage space

RAM dictates how quickly your phone responds to gestures and whether or not your applications will run into glitches as the load increases. A 4GB module should be the minimum you should settle for and you can opt for a 6GB to 8GB mobile phone to enjoy a smoother experience. In terms of internal storage, more is always better, especially considering that your apps and the phone’s OS consume a chunk of it. Decide on whether you’d like a 64GB or 128GB variant and inquire into options for expandable storage.

Consider camera technology and features

Today, new releases keeping outdoing previous versions in terms of camera technology and given the fact that the offerings are plenty, you must choose wisely. For instance, it wouldn’t make much sense to go for a selfie phone if you don’t use your front camera much. You should rather ensure that your rear cameras are exceptional and vice versa. Similarly, you could go in for a triple or quad rear camera setup to enjoy a variety of perspectives or look for software-backed technology, like the AI Beauty algorithms that come with OPPO mobile phones to click picturesque portraits.

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