123movies and Its Alternatives


What Is 123movies?

123movies is a movie streaming site where you can watch full movies for free. What makes 123movies so much better than other similar sites is its design and organization. Every movie on the site has a poster, description, IMDb rating, trailer, and plenty of other useful information. You can discover movies using tags, search for them directly by name, display movies by the country of production, or see which movies are currently trending on the site.

123movies offers a healthy mix of Hollywood blockbusters with older movies from the golden age of cinema and beyond.


To watch 123movies free of charge, you don’t even need to be registered on the site, but having a 123movies user account unlocks plenty cool features, so there’s simply no reason not to have one—especially considering that it’s free.

Another awe-inspiring choice for all the users who want to get an ideal alternate of solar movies website. There is a huge collection of both Hollywood and Bollywood movies are available on this website. The huge database of this website is probably the biggest advantage for the users which has Millions of different movies, Documentaries, Short films, TV shows, and web series in it. The excellent graphic user-interface is also a part of the brilliant features of 123Movies which cannot be ignored. 123Movies website has divided its media content into several categories, just like the Solar movies website had done. Movies in a lot of different genres like comedy, action, romance, thriller, horror, etc. are available on this website. So, this feature will help you a lot as you can search your favorite movies according to your moods and requirements. Most of the content available on this website is available in Top IMDB rating, which is again one of the best parts of this website. That’s why in one note, everyone can switch to 123Movies website in place of solar movies website to experience some high-quality stuff and features.

Not many movie streaming sites manage to stay afloat for any significant amount of time, and even fewer become popular. 123movies, sometimes written as 123 movies, is different. This site has been around for many years now, and it’s getting more and more popular with each passing year.

If you haven’t yet heard about 123movies, you’re in for a treat because this article introduces 123movies and explains how you can safely access it from anywhere in the world. And if you’re an avid 123movies user, we believe that you’ll benefit from reading this article as well as it lists top 6 best 123movies alternatives.

Below is a list of our favorite 123movies proxy servers


https://123Movies.unblockall.org/ Very Fast

https://123movies.men/ Very Fast

https://123moviestv.to/ Very Fast

http://www4.123movies.net/ Very Fast

http://123moviess.online/ Very Fast

https://www1.123movies.best/ Very Fast

https://www9.0123movies.com/ Very Fast

How to Safely Access 123movies? Is 123movies Safe?

Many people wonder whether 123movies is safe, and the answer is both yes and no. 123movies is safe in the sense that the site itself doesn’t contain any malware or malicious links. Yes, some ads that you may encounter on 123movies may be inappropriate, but even the most inappropriate ads on 123movies are generally safe to click on.

You might want to use 123movies proxy to access the site

A proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers, allowing you to anonymously access 123movies even if the site is blocked in your country. There are many, many 123movies proxy servers to choose from, and new ones appear all the time.

Notice how some 123movies mirrors say “GoMovies” instead of “123movies.” That’s because GoMovies is a sister site of 123movies, and the two sites share the same content.

Top 6 Best 123movies Alternatives

There are many sites like 123movies, Go Movies, and other sites operated by the owners of 123movies that provide a similarly large selection of content. There are also several 123movies unblocked mirrors, which are similar to 123movies proxy servers.


Vumoo is one of the best alternatives to 123Movies among all the websites listed here. You can stream both movies and TV Shows as it houses a large and amazing collection of data which is updated frequently. If you’ve ever used a Netflix account, you will find that Vumoo shares its interface with Netflix. Vumoo feels quite similar to Netflix while navigating which makes it very popular among its users though it is not an old website. You can find all the trending and hottest movies in dedicated sections. We strongly recommend you to give Vumoo a try.

Vumoo Alternatives and Similar Websites
Vumoo Alternatives and Similar Websites

Vumoo is an awesome free streaming website for users who want to stream all types of popular Bollywood and Hollywood movies. And not only popular movies, but Vumoo website has also added popular web series and TV shows of all time. Vumoo website has categorized its media content in several different categories like the language of the movie, Genre of the movies, Year of release, Popularity, etc. That’s why it becomes quite easy for the users to find the movie which they want to stream online on this website. Moreover, most of the movies available on this website are present in HD format for the users. There is no need to register yourself on this website to start streaming movies and TV on Vumoo. All the full-length movies and web series are available on this website, which is probably one of the most appealing features for the users. So, the Vumoo website can be regarded as one of the finest and best possible alternatives to the Solarmovie website.

Snagfilms – Philanthropic Movies and TV Shows online

For those of us looking to discover something different, SnagFilms has over 2,000 movies, TV show episodes, eye-opening documentaries and exclusive original comedy shorts. There is something to watch for everyone!

SnagFilms Review: A Free Online TV Streaming Service

Stream FREE video content on your mobile phone, tablet, desktop, OTT device or Smart TV!

Watch with our free apps for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device

Believe it or not, it is one amazing website where you are going to enjoy streaming movies and TV series in high quality for free and without having to register yourself. The navigation and UI feel premium and the rich library houses popular titles and interesting content across various genres. Other than third party content which is TV shows and movies, Snag Films hosts exclusive content of its own and its Originals like Sony Crackle does. You can enjoy using Snag Films on your desktop, smartphone or tabs as it has a separate app for Android and iOS users.

B Movies

You must have heard of B Movies as it is one of the most famous names on the web. The decent layout and simple UI of the website allow quick streaming of content. The homepage of B Movies features popular movies in HD quality and you can start watching just with a single click. Thought this service is free and you can start streaming without signing up, you can also download any movie you wish to watch later. Anyone who is into watching movies will not feel disappointed as each genre encompass interesting movies. Other than streaming movies and TV shows, users can get related information such as storyline, cast, IMDb ratings, etc.

Best B Movies On Netflix to Stream Right Now
Best B Movies On Netflix to Stream Right Now

A B movie or B film is a low-budget commercial motion picture that is not an arthouse film. In its original usage, during the Golden Age of Hollywood, the term more precisely identified films intended for distribution as the less-publicized bottom half of a double feature (akin to B-sides for recorded music).

YIFY Movies

YIFY/TS Official Movies sites
YIFY/TS Official Movies sites

YIFY Movies is the official source for YTS YIFY movies, which are known for their excellent image quality and small file sizes. To download YIFY movies, you will need a BitTorrent client such as qBittorrent. Keep in mind that the BitTorrent protocol doesn’t protect your anonymity. That’s why YIFY Movies recommends using a VPN service. VPN stands for virtual private network, which is a private network that extends across a public network and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public network as if their computers were directly connected to the private network. With a reliable VPN service, downloading movies from YIFY Movies and other similar sources is acceptably safe.


IOMovies is a popular alternative to 123movies, offering a large selection of movies and TV shows, fast servers, excellent availability, and many other attractive perks. If you discover that IOMovies is blocked in your country, you should still be able to access the website using a free web proxy service such as Hide.me. Some free web proxies are faster than others, and many are unfit for online movie streaming. A paid proxy service or VPN may be worth the price if you are a movie buff and hardly ever spend an evening without watching a movie or a TV show.

IOMovies Alternatives
IOMovies Alternatives

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a unique BitTorrent client with an integrated media player that allows you to stream movies from the internet for free.

Popcorn Time | Watch Free Movies and TV Shows
Popcorn Time | Watch Free Movies and TV Shows

Today, two versions of Popcorn Time are being developed in parallel. The first version of Popcorn Time is called Popcorntime.sh, and it’s based on the original Popcorn Time. Popcorntime.sh is an open source project, and its source code is available on GitHub. It has built-in support for VPN and is also available on mobile devices running the Android operating system.

The other actively developed version of Popcorn Time, Popcorn Time Community Edition, modifies the original software, fixing various bugs and adding several new features.

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