3 Best Tips for Full Funnel Optimization

Enhancing your search presence is one of the top tasks for your business as well as for 61 percent of modern-day marketers. Then, many website owners do not know their SEO tactics have lost importance due to today’s extremely fluid marketing funnel.

These days, you must know about marketing funnel optimization, especially in the digital landscape. It is important to note that paid campaigns play a pivotal role in generating quality traffic and conversions. According to an article published on Searchenginejournal.com, you need to improve your brand’s visibility by monitoring algorithmic changes, emerging trends, audience, and technological developments. Read on to learn about the three tips for full-funnel optimization.

1.Educate your customers about your brand

Your prospective customers want to know about your brand, products, or services from Google. Therefore, you need to send online traffic towards you by integrating precise content on your business website that answers the questions asked by your buyers.

You can educate your customers through white papers, blogs, industry updates, and FAQs. These are helpful ways to enlighten your targeted audience to boost your brand awareness and build trust with them. You can also combine lead generation and branding through gating content to gather customer details that you can repurpose for retargeting, email marketing, and lookalike customers.

2.Retarget list search ads

When it comes to retargeting list search ads or RLSAs, they help in driving repeat visitors to your business website as well as bidding on the prior site visitors. As far as RLSAs are concerned, the campaigns usually employ targeted messaging like a discount, reminder, or some form of a countdown to finish some action on your site. It’s done to create a sense of urgency. You can make the most out of RLSA by using the same with your brand as well as the non-branded terms to trigger visitor action in the decision stage of the funnel. You can consult with the SEO professionals of the Gray Dot Company if you have any questions regarding RLSAs.

3.Automated bidding

Action or conversion data, which are stored in Microsoft or Google ads is repurposed to ensure automated biddings such as maximize conversions, target cost per action or CPA, and target return on ad spend, i.e. ROAS. Now such features support a range of conversion objectives via Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) automation. Building precise conversions in your account is imperative in the closing stage of the funnel.


When it comes to paid search, it’s an initial channel for ensuring lead generation activities due to its immense abilities. As far as search is concerned, it plays a pivotal role in each stage of your marketing funnel, and that does not mean just at the top. You will need to build a rapport with your in-house marketing team or some agency to give a face-lift to your paid search campaigns for increased traffic, conversions, and sales. You will have to enhance the channel’s benefit to your business profit or bottom line. After all, you must run your SEO campaigns like a pro to survive in this age of stiff competition.

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