3 Ways that Technology Can Help You in Your Daily Life

3 Ways that Technology

Some people love technology. These are the individuals who you see lining up in front of the flagship Apple store in New York to get the latest iPhone the first day it appears. If you’re one of these people, you might have the skills to use all of this new tech the moment companies make it available.

Some people are the exact opposite, though. Perhaps you’re one of the individuals who still refuse to get a smartphone. Maybe you have a car that does not have automatic braking, lane departure alerts, or rear backup cameras.

Either way, you should know about some of the ways technology can help you on a daily basis if you’re ready to allow it into your life. When you hear about some of the things this tech can do, you might feel like it’s time to open your mind and at least give it a try.

You Can Use It to Shop for Presents

Knowing about technology does not necessarily mean you have to understand incredibly complex concepts. It does not mean you need to know aboutgranting permissions for Monterey pluggable authentication modulesor anything like that. It might turn out you’re simply using a search engine to hunt for a birthday or holiday present at the appropriate time of year.

Perhaps you have a spouse or relative who has a birthday coming up. You’re not feeling sure what to get them, but you at least know some of their interests.

You can use Google and your laptop to start searching for gifts based on what you know this person likes. You can try different keyword combinations until you find something on Amazon or Etsy that you feel like they will enjoy. Maybe that turns out to be some artisanal beef jerky, socks with a funny pattern on them, or some new wireless earbuds so they can listen to music.

Just that easily, you can use technology to find a thoughtful gift. Even if you feel decidedly anti-tech, it’s hard to argue with those results.

You Can Use Technology When You Travel

Using technology when you travel is almost necessary these days. You can try to get along without it, but having tech on your side when you fly is tremendously helpful.

If you own the latest iPhone, for example, you no longer have to print out a paper ticket before you’re going to get on your flight. Instead, you can download the ticket to your phone using a link that the airline sends you. Then, you can put the e-ticket in your Apple Wallet for safekeeping until you get to the gate during the boarding process.

If you drive, you can use technology then as well. You might use Google Maps and plug in the address of the relatives you’re visiting or your chosen hotel. The app will navigate you safely to your destination. It will even tell you what route to take so you can avoid the worst of the traffic during rush hour or if there’s a crash ahead of you.

You Can See Who’s at Your Door

Maybe you’re a homebody, andyou work from home these days. You might get Amazon or UPS to deliver lots of packages to your residence.

You can set up a doorbell camera like the popular Ring system. There are several other good ones as well.

Once you set up the front door camera, whether or not you attach it to the doorbell, you can get a smartphone notification when someone comes to the door or approaches the house. You can see them drop off your packages in real-time.

You can also set up one of these systems if you don’t work from home. You can be in your office on the other side of town and see when someone drops off the parcels.

The camera can see when it happens, and it can also pick up any porch pirates who might try to walk off with your items. Thieves might see the camera and decide to try another house. You can also send the police a video of the theft if someone does decide to snatch one of your purchases before you can retrieve it from the porch.

As we mentioned, it’s possible to live without technology these days, but it’s getting harder. Tech can make your life much easier and simpler, so using some of it is at least worth considering.

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