5 Legal Considerations for a New Job You Should Be Thinking About

New Job

Receiving a job offer is a seriously exciting time with plenty to celebrate. However, before you dive right in, say ‘yes’ and sign the contract, there are some important things to consider in a legal sense.

Signing an employment contract has various legal implications and you’ll want to be sure of a few facts before you start working for a new company.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Something that we all hope will never happen is having an accident and getting injured on the job. However, it can, unfortunately, become a reality and in this situation, you want to be assured that you’ll be able to claim compensation.

Attorneys from Lamber Goodnow will be able to help you understand personal injuries at work and what your compensation rights should be.

Your Workplace Rights

Before you start working for anyone, you should be aware of your rights as an employee so that you are easily able to identify mistreatment and instances of abuse in your new job.

Always ensure that you and your colleagues are being treated fairly and equally and that a positive, non-hostile environment exists for you to work in. If at any point you feel that you’re being discriminated against, harassed or mistreated in any other way that goes against your rights, file a report with HR or consult a labour lawyer.

Background Checks

Any company worth its salt will be running a background check on you before they offer you a contract of employment. This, of course, will have consequences for you and your future at the company.

A background check will typically involve police clearance and you might even have to take a drug test. If either of these results aren’t in your favour, you’ll probably lose the opportunity, so be sure that your side is always clean. Of course, if the company doesn’t request a background check, you might want to consider why.

Employment Agreement

Thoroughly reading through your employment agreement is an essential step before accepting a job offer. This will allow you to gain a clear understanding of your role and position at the company, your work hours, travel requirements, your monthly wages, any benefits you might receive and more.

If you’re unsure of anything, it might be a good idea to enlist the skills of a labour lawyer who can scan is and alert you to anything that doesn’t seem right.

When you’re clear on these details, it will also be easier for you to identify if you’re being taken advantage of once you start working.

Dismissal and Ending of Contract

Make sure that you’re clear on both your and your employer’s rights when it comes to an early ending of your employment contract. Typically, your employer won’t legally be allowed to simply dismiss you with no good reason, and you will also have to provide a notice period should you decide to resign.

Understand these stipulations clearly so avoid being met with any surprises.

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