6 reasons to back up your computer

Backing up data is something we all know we should be doing, but amidst busy working days and long to-do lists, not everyone heeds this advice. If you aren’t sure you need to bother, or don’t understand why backing up your data is so important in the first place, experts from Syntax IT Support London provide their top 6 reasons why you should rethink and make regular backups a top priority.

No matter how well you look after it, no computer is indestructible, and damage to your devices is always a risk. Whether you accidentally spill a drink on your computer, drop your laptop on a hard surface or find that your machine has been destroyed in a fire, damage to your computer can cause loss of data, which means the destruction of important documents as well as a lot of hard work. Damaged equipment is expensive to replace, but data that hasn’t been backed up is invaluable and impossible to recover.

  • Loss or theft

Loss and theft have become even bigger risks in recent years, as we store more of our data on portable devices and carry them with us when we travel. As well as losing access to important data, loss or theft may also result in sensitive information falling into the wrong hands, which could mean further damage to your business and reputation. By keeping data backed up on the cloud and ensuring that your devices are secure, you can avoid this risk.

  • Human error

Not all data loss is a result of breakage or stolen computers; sometimes, it is simply human error that is at fault. A series of high-profile data loss incidents have occurred over the years due to mistaken use of the “rm-rf” command, which deletes files and folders permanently without asking for confirmation. Secondary human error is also something to be aware of, as colleagues or family members may also put data at risk by failing to keep software updated, or by falling prey to cyber attacks such as phishing or social engineering.

  • System failure

Sometimes, data loss is entirely out of our hands and occurs due to an ill-timed systems failure. You could encounter issues with a computer if it is old or if software hasn’t been kept up to date, or your machine may even be infiltrated by a cyber criminal through a virus attack, rendering your data unrecoverable. IT systems can fall prey to all kinds of risks and it is your responsibility to keep secure backups of important documents in order to eliminate the risk of data loss.

  • Saving time

If you experience a loss of data, it will take time to fix the issue and could mean starting a great deal of work from scratch. Replacing data is no easy task, which is why securely backing up data means preventing downtime and potentially saving your business a lot of hassle and damage along the way. Data loss can have serious ramifications for small businesses, with the costs involved being enough to cripple many companies. Preventing disaster could be as simple as investing a small amount of time and money into a secure data back up and storage solution, thereby ensuring that your business survives and continues to succeed.

  • Peace of mind

Taking all of the above risks into consideration, perhaps the most important reason of all to back up your data is simply for peace of mind. Backing up important data to a secure cloud location is the best strategy for businesses, and it’s also vital to make sure that data stored on portable devices is backed up to a desktop or other storage device regularly in case of theft, loss or damage. To keep your company safe and ensure its future success, it’s time to take data storage and backups seriously.

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