A Top Secret behind Flourishing E-Commerce Industries


A Top Secret behind Flourishing E-Commerce Industries: Conversion Rate Optimization

Nowadays, all most all e-commerce owners are concerned about their falling conversion rate and a number of businessmen have hired professionals for their e-commerce conversion rate optimization. However, they still fail to improve their e-commerce conversion rate. The primary reason behind the failure is that most of the companies working hard on increasing their web traffic rather than converting the existing traffic into conversions. Some websites conversion rate falls due to the missing security feature of SSL certificate and its padlock sign in the address bar, as most of the web users are concerned about their information security. If you want to grow your e-commerce, the first step is conversion rate optimization that can be done in the following ways:

  1. Use Catchy Headlines

Headlines are the first thing where the web visitors look just after landing on a website. One bold sentence can pitch you’re a number of leads or convert the web visitors into conversions. You can use problem solving headlines to solve the visitor’s problems, question headlines to answering the queries and instructional headlines to provide instructions.

  1. Easy Navigation
Your e-commerce website must be easy to navigate so that the visitors find their desired product quickly and just in few seconds, and your web visits convert into leads. Moreover, you can becreating heat map, and it’s used to know more about your web visitors’ behavior while page navigating, where you need to pay more attention, which page make your visitors fed off or are they continuously avoiding your CTA button?

  1. Optimize Load Speed

Recent studies show that around 60% of cart abandonments are done due to the high loading time of a website. Product pages that take more than 3 seconds to load are usually left instantly by the users. So, your website load time should be optimized in a way that everything on your website loads just in two or three seconds.

  1. Mobile Optimization

In 2019, most of the web visits come via smartphones so your website should mobile friendly as well as mobile optimized. It means that your website should suit to every mobile version platform. If you ignore it, you may probably lose 65% of conversion rating.

  1. Security Lock

Nowadays, web users are more concerned about web security locks than the past generation. Before placing an order on a website, SSL certificate and padlock in the address bar is verified by the visitors. An SSL certificate ensures web visitors about the safety of their private information such as Credit card number, email id, phone number or personal identification number that is transmitted between web users and web server. Beside it, a security lock enhances your business credibility and conversion rate. The more you secure your website the more leads you will get.

  1. Increase Social Media Presence

Social media is considered the best source to attract new customers to your brand. So, your website must be social media optimized. The more you socialize on social sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the more leads you will gain. Moreover, you can share your testimonials, contents, product offers and latest trending on social media sites to attack your customers for instant purchasing.

  1. Include clear Calls To Action

Calls to Actions are used to persuade visitors to take your desired actions. Images, links, animations, and buttons with two or three-word sentence such as; CLICK HERE, BUY NOW or NEXT can be used to convince web visitors to do the desired actions that automatically enhance your web conversion rate.

  1. Create A Sense Of Urgency

A sense of urgency always provides the best result to e-commerce owners. Whenever companies create a sense of urgency using limited offers, a few left in the stock or Last chance to buy, their web conversion rate instantly increases. Such trick works well when performed wisely and at the right moment.

  1. Optimize Location Targeting

If you want to target audience from a particular location, you should optimize your product pages and landing pages according to the particular geographical location. It may reduce your traffic on your website, but you definitely gain conversions on your e-commerce.

  1. Provide Quality Content

These days, content is considered as a king for e-commerce marketing. Quality blogs, articles, and testimonials put a great impact on your audience than the other marketing techniques. Beside it, quality and consistent content help your web visitors to take a purchasing decision instantly that boosts your web conversion rate.

Final Thoughts

A lot of research is needed for effective conversion rate optimization. The more time you invest the more leads you will gain. Every following conversion rate optimization strategy usually relies upon on the earlier experiments. The earlier experiments let you know where you will need to focus or where to not?

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