‘Apron’ basic safety equipment


Leather aprons have been used as safety equipment in a wide range of industries ranging from butchery to wood cutting or from masonry to metal welding. These aprons have been used to save the human skin, and in some cases, clothes from damage caused by sudden particle being ejected towards the body and also avoid the stains from a job one is performing.

It is by no means only a decorative accessory only, though maybe a designer one, its main objective is safety, firstly the individual and then the clothes. The leather apron was first made by ripping off animal skin and using it without kind of finish. The industry since then has seen changes making the apron look more and more pleasing to the eye without affecting its safety feature in fact in some cases machining is done on the leather apron just to improve its safety function.

Types of leather apron:

Leather apron for butchers: it is mainly used in the cattle flesh cutting industry. Its main function is to save the wearer’s clothes from blood and flesh stains. The leather used may have minimal hardness no extra processes for improving the hardness of the leather is done as its sole purpose is to protect clothes from getting blood stains.

Apron for workers in manufacturing industry: leather apron in this industry is mainly used by the workers who are into welding process, tool cuttings process or in some cases where there is the removal of metal or other material in the form of chips. Here safety to the individual is a top priority. The apron here has to withstand flints front the spark being produced during welding. The metal chips which are sometimes removed may violently fly towards the workers’ body thus apron has to be treated making it fireproof and tough enough to stop chip penetration.

Apron used by blacksmith: the work of blacksmithing involves processes which result in producing of flints, sparks, chips of metal and all other particles which when coming in contact with the human body result in accidents, sometimes life-threatening ones. Thus a specially made apron is used by the blacksmith.

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