Without requiring KYC verification, is a business that offers premium proxy servers to improve online security and anonymity.

You may get around blocks and filters and hide your IP address with this service. guarantees fast and reliable service and provides a large selection of protocols and countries for connections.

One of the well-known brands in the proxy service industry is ASocks, which provides affordable mobile and home proxies for a range of applications. Key characteristics such as speed, security, and a large IP pool highlight the need for a first-rate proxy service. It’s critical to comprehend the many services that each proxy provider offers in order to select the one that best suits your requirements.

We’ll examine ASocks’ proxy services in more detail, examining its unique characteristics and comprehending its price structures. By also presenting the best-rated ASocks proxies alternatives available in the larger proxy market, we hope to provide you with a more comprehensive understanding.

Analysis of competitors and market situation for ASocks

With the exception of the sponsors’ products, which are linked to their websites, the list is arranged in ascending order according to the lowest price level.

VendorsResidential pool size (M IPs)Mobile pool size (M IPs)Residential starting from (GB)Mobile starting from/GBFree trialPAYG*
Smartproxy5510$7$1914-day money back
Bright Data727$6.30$14.40
SOAX53$6.60$6.60$1.99 trial
IPRoyal21.5$7N/AFor company registrations

Each proxy vendor bases its starting price on the most basic plan that is available on a monthly basis. Every pricing detail has been taken straight from the vendors’ open claims.

Guide for choosing vendors

To determine how satisfied customers are with the products, suppliers are ranked according to the average user evaluations they have received.

VendorsNumber of reviewsUser ratings out of 5 (Avg)
Bright Data2224.7

The previous table displays the average customer rating as well as the total number of B2B reviews of all proxy service providers that were collected from well-known review sites (such G2, Trustradius, and Capterra as of November 1, 2023). When choosing ASocks substitutes, we have considered:

  • Five or more B2B reviews have been posted on B2B platforms.
  • Averaging more than 4.0 points out of a possible 5.
  • LinkedIn reviews: More than twenty employees are listed on the platform.

ASocks proxies overview

ASocks is a proxy server company that makes the claim to have 7 million IPs available, including residential and mobile proxies for businesses (competitor analysis or ad verification) as well as individuals (secure browsing or social networking automation). Across all proxy kinds, the proxy provider permits customers to use static IP addresses or to vary their IP address with every connection request.

Depending on the proxy plan they select, a number of proxy providers offer their clients access to a pool of IP addresses. All of the IP address pool is available to users of ASocks, regardless of plan cost. Because users are only charged for the specific number of unique IPs they use, they can adjust their proxy usage to suit their needs.

Features and capabilities of ASocks proxies:

Common functionalities made available by proxy providers are offered by ASocks:

  • You can select free proxies (IP addresses) that are specifically from a given city or are part of a specific ASN.
    accepts SOCKS5 and HTTP protocols.
  • IP authorization is available from ASocks, with a 5 IP address restriction. The proxy pool is only accessible and usable by IP addresses that are whitelisted.
  • Users can programmatically rotate their IP address each time they switch ports with ASocks.
  • ASocks offers to combine the proxy service, which hides your IP address, with an anti-detection program, which conceals your browser activities, for ultimate online privacy and proxy anonymity.

Pros and cons of ASocks proxy services


  • Speed: The speed of ASocks’ proxies is one of the most often cited benefits of the protocol.
  • Customer service: The user-friendliness of ASocks’ proxy services and their prompt customer care are two of their standout features.
  • Easy to use: When configuring and maintaining their proxies, several customers praised the vendor’s dashboard for being clear and easy to use.


  • A small IP pool: In comparison to other proxy suppliers like Smartproxy, Bright Data, Oxylabs, and NetNut, the proxy provider’s IP pool for proxy services is rather small. Large-scale applications that need for numerous connections at once or efficient IP rotation solutions, like large-scale data scraping, may find this restrictive.
  • Payment methods: Bitcoin, Ethereum, LTC, and TRC20 are among the cryptocurrencies that ASocks accepts. Numerous users on G2 voice their worries over payments made with cryptocurrencies and call for a variety of payment methods, including online payment platforms like PayPal.

ASocks proxy network pricing

The ASocks proxy network’s pricing structure consists of the following:

subscription options that are pay as you go (PAYG) and monthly. You can choose based on your usage habits and budget flexibility. Another option would be to start with a pay as you go plan, track how much you use proxies, and then move to a subscription plan.

Refunds are available for proxy services, however it may take up to 14 days to complete them. If you want to cancel, you will not receive your money back for the trial time.

7-day free trial

Proxy Types, Features, and Pricing

I regret to inform you that ASocks exclusively provides residential proxies, which some may view as a drawback. Of course, having a variety of options allows you to be more flexible and eliminates the need to switch providers, but if all you’re looking for are residential proxies, that won’t matter.

To be honest, the pool of proxies is not that large, especially when you take into account that some providers have millions of IP addresses. That being said, seventy thousand isn’t a little number, and when you add that to over 120 places, you’ll discover that ASocks can be really accommodating. The ability to precisely adjust the geo-targeting is the most adaptable feature. While it goes without saying that you shouldn’t expect to have every city in every nation, this supplier has a significant edge over others that just offer country-based targeting. To be honest, some people won’t find the function helpful because it’s not something that will be essential to them.

You’re mistaken if you believe that these features are pricey. It should come as no surprise that ASocks is one of the less expensive alternatives available. The costs can’t be too exorbitant, given that it doesn’t have much to offer in terms of the proxy pool. There are four packages available, and each has a cap on the volume of traffic. With the highest plan, you can use up to 350 GB of traffic, while the smallest plan comes with 20 GB. It’s not stated on the website, but anyone in need of more can get in touch with support and request a bigger bundle. The only thing I would have preferred to see is a micro user bundle with less than 20 GB, but that’s not a huge deal given the price.

In terms of cost, ASocks is regarded as a very reasonably priced supplier. The 20 GB Minimal service costs $39 a month, which works out to $1.99 per GB of traffic. However, the most expensive one, VIP, costs $349, which works out to $0.99 per GB. You’re looking at a deal when you contrast this with other companies that charge at least $5 for per gigabyte.

Regarding payment, there will be a small constraint. Although the majority of well-known brands in the sector will provide a wide range of payment choices, ASocks exclusively accepts cryptocurrency payments, which may be restricted for certain individuals. Having said that, there are certain services that allow you to purchase a goods with your credit card and have the money sent to ASocks’ wallet.

A good way to prevent buying anything you might not like is to try it before you buy it, and ASocks has you covered. The company provides 200 MB of traffic as part of a 7-day trial plan.

Additionally, ASocks offers a return policy if you purchased a package and either realized this isn’t a good alternative or didn’t get the performance you needed. You can request a refund within three days, however bear in mind that the cost of the traffic you used will be subtracted.

Features of ASocks

Affordable Packages

When compared to the majority of its competitors, this provider’s offering can be seen to be its primary feature. Although there aren’t many packages available, the cost per gigabyte is reasonable, which makes this a good option for those on a tight budget.

Flexible Geo-Targeting

Any proxy provider that allows you to obtain IP addresses from a given place must include geo-targeting. As opposed to most providers, ASocks lets you specify the city from which you want the proxy to originate, taking customization to a whole new level. When you pair this with a list of more than 120 nations, you have access to an extremely adaptable targeting choice.

IP Whitelist and username and password authentication

The authentication mechanism of ASocks is another adaptable feature. If a user frequently changes locations, they might wish to choose the username and password option depending on the use case. However, users who access the proxies through their home or place of business might want to make use of the IP whitelist. The excellent thing about this company is that you may choose between the two.

Free Trial

One useful method to ascertain whether a service is adequate and worthwhile is to test the provider. Fortunately, ASocks offers a free trial that you may use to test out the proxies. You will get access to the plan for 7 days, and it includes 200 MB of traffic. This is a really good feature to have because it means you won’t have to rush to test the proxies in a world where some providers offer 24-hour trials. As an alternative, you can receive your money back under the three-day refund policy. Remember that the amount will be reduced by the traffic that was used.

Easy to Use

The goal of contemporary proxy providers is to offer a service that most people can use. The usability is a different aspect of the story than the performance. Because ASocks strived to make their device as user-friendly as possible, even novices won’t have trouble getting the hang of it.

Everything you’ll need is displayed on the dashboard’s primary screen when you log in. The active package, which indicates how much traffic you still have, will be at the top. This geo-targeting feature lets you choose the country, state, city, and provider to determine where the proxies you require are located. After you’ve got it down pat, you may export the list in TXT format so you can use it with any service you require.

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