Automotive protective coatings: an era of modernization for your car

Automotive protective coatings

A brand new car in one’s garage is by far the most satisfying thought for a person. This is due to the sheer power it bestows to the person concerned in terms of acquiring the needful in a gracious manner. The feeling of metallic polish smoothness under one’s palms and the smell of premium leather makes for a person’s day in the true sense. In addition, the surge of adrenaline every time being on the car, makes one skip a beat at one’s own accomplishment. But, this feeling can be cut short by the presence of irregular and disturbing instances like rust, paints chipping off, bird droppings and all dreaded scratches on the vehicle body.

The all dangerous bird droppings on the cars, whenever one leaves the vehicle under a shade, the occasional scratch on the bonnet or the side panels while parking, the ignorant child scribbling names on the body are few testaments which might give a owner nightmares over the general appearance of the vehicle. Today, there are a host of available options which are readily available for removing these stains and marks from the car and rejuvenating it beyond being new and fresh. These incremental options which can lend a car the looks and feel it bore while being brand new are now available to all and sundry.

Teflon coating is one of the most economic automotive protective coatingsa car lover can bestow protection upon his car. The coating is non-intrusive in nature and therefore will not pose any harm to the people on-board. The coating makes for a protective layer which stops the weather elements too from seeping in the paint of the car or the general body in question. A machine is generally employed to do the needful in this case, making sure that the surface is cleaned thoroughly and henceforth the coating is imparted on the surface.

Generally speaking, the ceramic coatings are better suited to withstand the conditions better than the Teflon based coating. This is due to the fact that ceramic coating will form a crystal clear layer of glass between the weather conditions and the paint of the surface. Therefore, the nature ofcar protective coatinggiven is also quite better in comparison to the traditional Teflon based coatings. In addition, the Teflon coatings are to some extent, harmful to the paints and can lead to long term paint damage as well. This is not the case with ceramic coating, which uses a nanostructured coating process to bond with the paint.

Nanotechnology basedautomotive protective coatingsmake ceramic bond better and behave better in comparison to the wax based Teflon coating. The clean glass layer formed by ceramic makes it a viable mode of coating the car against any kind of weather or external conditions, unlike Teflon, which proves little against tough conditions. However, the ceramic can range from a startling 15000 INR to a whopping 40000 INR to be installed on a surface, whereas Teflon demands somewhere between 4000 INR to 10000 INR to be installed. This stark difference makes the decision completely based on the economy the car owner is looking at in the long term.

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