Belkin Router : All you need to know about the device

Belkin Router All you need to know about the device

From morning when we wake up till the time we got to bed for sleep we use internet to carry out our daily tasks. Surfing the websites for resolving our queries to shopping, we need internet inevitably. There are a lot of products in the market that let the user access high speed internet. These devices offer wired and wireless modes to connect to the internet. As per the convenience the user can have the access to internet.

From the past three decades, Belkin is leading the charts in providing robust and maintenance free devices for people to enjoy high speed internet. Belkin devices are thoroughly engineered and tested before they are projected in the market for the customers to buy and use. The company keeps on experimenting and developing his own product line to give an optimised user experience. The Belkin router dashboard is so customise that even a layman can do configuration as per his requirements.

This articles gives a step by step guide to change the Belkin router password. This question is generally asked by people at many places on the internet. The process is very easy and involves few steps. Follow these simple steps and you can easily change the configuration.

Steps to Change Belkin router password

Step 1: Open any web browser that you user and type . This will let you access the modem web based dashboard.

Step 2: You will be prompted with a password. Enter the password into the Password block. If you have not set a customised password then leave the block blank and click on Submit button.

Step 3: Look for Utility section on the left side of the dashboard and click on System Setting from there.

Step 4: You will be prompted to fill in the current password. Fill the same ( if you haven’t set the password leave the block blank ). Enter the password of your choice in the “Type in new password” and fill the same password on “Confirm password” block and apply the changes.

Step 5: After applying these changes you will be logged out of the dashboard and you are supposed to log in with the new password that you recently set.

This above article shows how to change Belkin router password easily. A simple 5 step procedure which allows you to change the password without the need of hard core networking knowledge. If at all you find it difficult to change your password Belkin support is always there to lend forward their hands to user any time. You can contact support on toll free numbers an

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