Best 10 Facebook Food Pages with the Most Likes

One of the most popular niches on Facebook is that of cooking and food. This becomes obvious by the success of the most liked Facebook food pages. If you are interested in creating content in this niche, then you need to study carefully what the other pages are posting. Of course, in the beginning, you will need to buy Facebook likes to enhance your posts’ visibility.

In this article, we have gathered the most like food pages on Facebook.

#1 Tasty

Facebook Likes: 96 million

Tasty is with no doubt the most successful food and cooking Facebook page. In fact, they are among the first 10 Facebook pages with the most likes and followers in the whole platform. Their content is famous for its quick videos that feature easy recipes. Their only-hands style of showing the preparation has influenced Facebook videos, as you know them today.

#2 Food Network

Facebook Likes: 31 million

Food Network is the Facebook page of the Television Food Network. The followers of this Facebook page can watch instructional videos, cooking competitions, and even reality shows. On this page, they often post clips from television programs.

#3 Tastemade

Facebook Likes: 30 million

Tastemade’s main focus is global cuisine. On this page, you will find unique recipes that are shown in short hands-only videos. Even though they feature upbeat music, their videos are optimized for Facebook and so they can be viewed in mute. These videos can be your guide to create impressive cooking videos for your page. Once you create them, make sure to buy Facebook likes.

#4 So Yummy

Facebook Likes: 25 million

If you are looking for easy and creative recipes, then you should take a look at So Yummy’s content. They consistently post video compilations with easy recipes for every occasion. Whether you need finger food or recipes for the holidays, you will find everything. So Yummy’s videos follow the established only-hands approach, making the videos easy to watch.

#5 Tipsy Bartender

Facebook Likes: 24 million

Tipsy Bartender shows you how you can find a unique sub-niche in the category you are interested in. This Facebook page specializes in cocktails, showing easy ways how to make them. As you can see, Tipsy Bartender has a unique take of the cooking niche, and users love it. Therefore, you can use this knowledge to find your own voice on Facebook. Don’t forget that you can buy Facebook likes to help your page grow.

#6 Buzzfeed Food

Facebook Likes: 23 million

The content of Buzzfeed Food looks very similar to that of Tasty. This is because they are owned by the same company. The video compilations on this page show creative and new ways to cook various ingredients. For this reason, they have piqued the interest of many users, making it one of the most successful pages.

By taking a look at the most liked food and cooking Facebook pages, it is easy to see that they all focus on video content. Therefore, this should be your priority. Create top-quality content and buy Facebook likes to bring it to your audience.

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