Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives

Torrent sites play a great role in file-sharing tasks.

Millions of people use them to upload the files they have access to and download the files they need.

But, most of the torrent sites do not last that much longer.

They are forced to get vanished. Because most of the files that torrent sites contain are illegal. That’s why giant companies along with the government work together to close these sites. Most of the time they succeed.

Some of the sites get so many fans and followers that a lot of people get disappointed when they are gone.

ExtraTorrent was one fo them. It had a large fanbase. They were disappointed too. Some of the mirror sites were being created with the contents of ExtraTorrent.

But mirror sites do not work perfectly all the time.

There are millions of torrent users worldwide.ExtraTorrent was their last stop to go.

But ExtraTorrent is not the only torrent site that has a good amount of collection.

There are many other sites also where you can find a lot of files shared by peoples worldwide.

We are naming some them down here.

All of them are the best at this time. You can choose from all of them.

1.The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is on service for a very good time and stills rocking the internet.

From both age and popularity, it is the best. It has shared not only files but also movies, songs, music, apps too.

It is very popular in sharing movies. That’s the reason Hollywood and its sister concerns do not want it online. And tries their best to get The Pirate Bay off this planet.

So they took the help of law.

In some cases, they won and sent some of the owners of The Pirate Bay to jail, the rest of them are fighting with the law to survive.

After all these critical situations The Pirate Bay is still alive and rolling on the internet.

People from 35 languages can access this torrent giant via


The torrent sites which are live on the internet right now, 1337x is most beautiful than any one of them.

Not only in design but also it is enriched with content.

It has a vast collection of every kind of content you head to a torrent site.

Serving the people from 2007, it is still live the people form around are getting the files they searching.


Growing up so fast since its born, yet stuck in a general file-sharing site.

Recently, they have redesigned their homepage, made their categories more visible, created a new graphically beautiful search box, but left the rest of the pages plain and untouched from the developers.

But that really does not have anything to do with the purpose of the torrent site.

You will get everything you want to have from a torrent site.

Whatever matters to you is content and LimeTorrents won’t disappoint you when you reach there.


Zooqle, from the day it started, getting bigger, popular, larger every day is really unstoppable.

Zooqle gets more than 1000 torrent files uploaded every day on it and the number is increasing.

Already has nearly 3 and a half-million torrent in its server open for all its users.

Along with its vast collection, the beautiful design of Zooqle helped it grow faster.

When you hop on the homepage of the Zooqle, you will see the most popular and most downloaded seeds and files there. If they are not what you are looking for, then you can search for it with the keyword on the search box.

Still, now, Zooqle can only be accessed in English and Russian language.

We hope to get more languages in here soon.

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