Black Corsair Alternatives

The Best Alternatives of The Black Corsair:

Il Corsaro Nero streaming is one of Italy’s most popular torrent sites. However, it is not always available to all its users for the most disparate reasons: if understanding how to unlock The Black Corsair becomes impossible, all that remains is resorting to an alternative among those we recommend.

Here are four valid alternatives to The Black Corsair, all working:

  • MIRCrew
  • The Pirate Bay
  • LimeTorrents
  • 1337x

Every time you download a torrent file, you potentially expose your devices to malware, privacy violations and cyber-attacks: remember to use a Security Suite like the one offered by Surfshark, Surfshark One, to get a VPN, an antivirus and an alert on the security of your data.

Do you want to find out all the details on downloading torrent files from the Il Corsaro Nero site or through its alternatives without risking your privacy and online security? Continue reading this article!

What are the alternatives to The Black Corsair?

Il Corsaro Nero is probably the most famous and, therefore, most “exposed” torrent site in Italian: also, for this reason, it is often inactive, and rumours easily circulate about its closure. There are numerous working alternatives to Il Corsaro Nero: we have identified the four most valid platforms to offer you a solution if you want to download torrent content and Il Corsaro Nero does not work or is unreachable.

In the next paragraphs, you will find all the information you need on the MIRCrew, The Pirate Bay, Limetorrents and 1337x torrent download services; mirrors included: choose which platform to use based on your needs and always remember to protect your browsing by using a Security Suite such as that of Surfshark One. Security Suites are a set of multiple “all in one” software: they are focused on security during your online activities and allow you to activate a VPN, an antivirus and other useful functions to protect your connected devices. At the same time, you download in one fell swoop. Torrent files or perform any other action online.


Among the best sites, like Il Corsaro Nero, for torrenting in Italy is certainlyMIRCrew. The site presents itself as an essential and practical forum and, in addition to the fairly well-stocked catalogue, the simple, easy and “clean” interface to use, as well as the intuitive search bar, are also definitely worthy.

To access it, you need to register: before proceeding, we always recommend that you read all the terms and conditions of use and then choose whether to continue.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the undisputed points of reference for torrenting, thanks to its active community and constantly updated titles in its catalogue. However, it is a site subject to very frequent closure periods. Although it is a reliable site, the service is very frequently offline, and its contents are moved to different servers to avoid legal action against its owners.

Even if it can often be inactive, use one of the many reliable mirrors, such as those we have selected and which you can find below, to be able to download the content you want. Finally, some gaps between lesser-known video game titles, films, television series and software are certainly filled by the abundance of recent and popular material.


LimeTorrents is a great option for getting the latest torrent content available online. Thanks to a user-friendly interface and a remarkable ratio of sharers (seeders) to downloaders (leechers) for the most recent torrents, it is possible to download most titles quickly.

The average download speed is between 3 and 4 megabytes per second. LimeTorrents reports a monthly user base of nearly 20 million across all its mirror sites, offering a wide range of search options.

However, it ranks lower in our ranking of the best torrent sites as it has a limited amount of seeders for older torrents.

How does streaming via Il Corsaro Nero work?

Il Corsaro Nero is one of the most famous and popular torrenting sites in Italy, also and above all, because it only indexes content in Italian. Using it is very simple: once connected to the official Il Corsaro Nero website, search for the content you are interested in using the search bar, or browse the Games, Films, Music, Apps and Recent categories to find inspiration. Click on the green arrow next to the torrent name to get the .torrent file, and you will start the download: that’s all!

Downloading torrent filesmay seem likea simple and immediate operation.Still, it hides many potential dangers in reality: read our article on how to torrent safely and anonymously with a VPN to find out how to protect yourself. We remind you that downloading material protected by copyright is prohibited, and it is up to you to ensure that you do not carry out illegal actions, in addition to the fact that downloading compromised content onto your computer, tablet, or smartphone exposes you to the risk of malware and hacker attacks. Your data can easily be revealed if you don’t use a Security Suite like Surfshark One to protect you – online anonymity and privacy should always be a priority when downloading torrent files!

What is the working link of Il Corsaro Nero?

The official website of Il Corsaro Nero can often be unreachable for technical and other reasons. When this happens, you can try using one of the working mirrors of The Black Corsair. At the moment,there are two Il Corsaro Nero proxy platforms that offerthe possibility of torrenting reliably:

The important thing is always to protect your connection when you download content from the internet: in the next paragraph, you will discover the best ways to do this and why it would be ideal to use a Security Suite.

To conclude, the alternatives to The Black Corsair torrent

Various options for Il Corsaro Nero make things easier for those who want to download torrents of any kind. When the site is unreachable or inactive, you need to choose the one that offers the catalogue or user interface best suited to your needs and download the desired torrents.

Among the many options available, we considered MIRCrew, The Pirate Bay, LimeTorrents and 1337x. It doesn’t matter which one you use: it is essential, however, that you always protect your online activities using a VPN and a Security Suite like Surfshark One, guaranteeing your anonymity and security. And remember: only download legal and authorised content to avoid incurring sanctions and legal problems, as well as the possibility of being attacked by malware and other online threats that can be encountered by downloading torrent files from untrustworthy sites.

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