Bring Your A-Game To Video Ads With This Step-By-Step Guide

Nowadays, people depend more on social media and online discovery to get access to information about a brand, service, or product that they are looking for. To make sure that you are bringing your A-game, video advertising is is your best bet.

Research shows that 93% of brands have generated new customers because of a video on social media. Facebook alone generates 8 million video views on average each day, making video ads on the platform ideal for your digital marketing strategy.

But instead of hopping on the bandwagon, you need a step-by-step approach to generating the right reaction with your video ads. With that, here are a few steps that you should keep in mind to ace your video ads on social media:

Have An Objective

Whether it is a video ad or any online promotion, brands and marketers need to be acutely aware of the purpose behind it. Without the right marketing objective, the ad content and other activities will not have the right effect. So, think about why you are doing this video ad, which could be:

  1. To generate awareness
  2. To create interest among a particular target group
  3. To connect with potential customers who have interacted with your brand
  4. To generate leads by outreach to a specific audience
  5. For brand building or telling an essential message to your audience

Keep your marketing objective very specific and follow the SMART principles to help ensure that your ad is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely.

It is also suggested to select particular KPI (Key Performance Indicators) like the number of views, likes, clicks, or any other metric that you will be tracking in this step.

Choose Your Target Audience

Once your objective is set, you need to define who the target audience will be. Defining the target audience for your ad campaign is essential as it helps you to craft a message that is relevant and relatable. The target audience could be:

  1. A particular target for your product or services
  2. A user that has performed a particular interaction with your page or website
  3. Users in various stages of your sales lifecycle, e.g., lead, prospect, suspect, converted lead, etc.

Depending on the target audience, you need to create a video ad that is interesting and focuses on the needs of the target audience.

Craft A Compelling Message And Script

Before you start creating your video, you need to have a plan. This includes the critical message that you wish to provide to the audience and the script to help you stay on track when creating the video ad.

By researching what the target audience thinks, wants, and is currently doing, you can craft a message that brings out your A-game.

Create a script by focusing on the critical elements of your product, company, or service. However, make sure to create a story and link it to your customer’s needs. This helps to create a strong recall and helps the customer to understand your message better.

Create Your Video Ad

Now that you have your storyline and script set, it is time to start creating your video. Make sure to use a proper application for it, or a camera to film the video in high quality. You can use several tools that help to capture your screen to share your product or services while you need an excellent camera to share the story.

Make sure the video quality is optimized. This is because the audiences are more likely to click and watch a video that is filmed professionally and has good quality, as opposed to one that isn’t.

Edit Your Ad To Be More Professional

Now that you have your video, it is time to optimize it for social media. You can simply use a free online tool that has facebook ad templates infograph to enhance your video ad. For Facebook, particularly, you need to make sure that your ad has a proper introduction and a conclusion with appropriate CTA.

A tool like InVideo can help you create video ads with ready templates to enhance and simply create a compelling video ad. You can create a persuasive introduction with templates and add highlights, animations, and text to make your video more lively. You can even apply a proper CTA (Call To Action) to increase engagement.

Define A Budget

Once you have the ad ready to go live, it is time to define the budget. While there may be times when the budget needs to be pre-defined, social media ads require a budget to start with. Define the budget depending on the amount of reach, visibility, or clicks that you wish to generate.

Finalize a budget that applies to your defined marketing objective, e.g., if your objective is to generate leads to your website, you should choose CPC (Cost Per Click) to define the budget. However, if awareness is your requirement, use Cost Per Thousand Views (CPV) as the metric.

Add Some Zing!

You are all set to go live with your Facebook video ad. Still, you need also to be aware of the settings, content, and functionalities that can add some zing to your ad.

If you are looking to get the user to buy a particular product, you can add a Buy Now button with the ad and get the customer directly to that specific product. Similarly, adding some content with the ad can help boost the click-through rate, as the user is more likely to click on it if you include the right text.

So bring your A-game by leveraging proper settings to ensure you have optimized ads that are reaching the key audiences.

Optimize For Instagram

Finally, optimize your Facebook ad for Instagram as well. It has more than a billion users, mostly among the millennial and Gen-Z crowd. Add templates, a piece of intriguing background music, or a voice-over to get attention on the social media platform.

You can choose from the numerous online tools or an instagram video editor android for this purpose.

Closing Thoughts

As times change, the way your customers interact and find out about your business has changed radically. Today, the best way to reach out to your target audience is through compelling visual content.

With the help of this comprehensive guide, you will be ready to run and convert leads through your video ads in no time.

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