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Write for Us on Business: Submit Blog Posts as a Guest Writer

Are you a professional or budding content writer or blogger who has business tips that you think business owners should know? Do you stay up to date on the latest business trends and want to offer your insights to those in need? If so, this is the perfect platform for you.

We have set up our platform to be a useful resource for business owners and are looking to cover everything they could know that would help them grow their businesses. As such, we are constantly searching for bloggers, writers and freelancers to write for us on business-related topics for our website. We want contributors to search for high-quality and unique content to share on our platform to help our readers looking for information related to business.

Ours is one of the fastest-growing platforms for business development and our readers are searching for articles on business including ideas, tips and tricks, guides and advice that can help their business. Our website is visited by many executives and business owners around the world. We are on the lookout for articles for our website that are interesting, insightful and informative.

Whether you are an expert in your field or are just starting, we are providing the opportunity to share your ideas and thoughts with the business community. So, read this blog post, write for us on business and become a contributor on our website with amazing pieces of content.

How to submit your guest post pitch for buildd?

Email your pitch for guest post to with “Guest Post: buildd” as the subject line.

List of topics you can write on

To maintain the relevance of our content for our readers, we focus on a specific set of topics.

If you are interested in submitting a guest post, we welcome content on the following subjects:

  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Startups
  • Business
  • Hiring
  • Sales
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Growth Hacking
  • Remote Working
  • Entrepreneurship, Solopreneurship & Indiehacking
  • Web design
  • Software development

Business Write for US – Showcase Your Business Knowledge by Submitting Articles

Here is an opportunity to business write for us and publish high-quality blog posts. We encourage budding and experienced writers, bloggers and freelancers to contact us if you think you have what it takes to provide our audience with advice-led and unique content. Our aim is to provide genuine insights and value to entrepreneurs and business owners. Keep in mind that we are looking for content in simple English and only publish unbiased articles written from a neutral perspective to provide information. Here are some other guidelines to follow to ensure your business write for us articles are published on our platform.

Guidelines to Follow When You Business Write for Us

We are inviting entrepreneurs, business owners, experts, bloggers, writers and freelancers to contribute their valuable experience and insights to our website. We firmly believe that creating blog posts that you would love to read is the key to captivating our readers and audience. Hence, your content needs to be informative, uplifting and inspiring and should create an impact on those who read them. To ensure we only provide high-quality content, we look for original pieces that have not been published on other websites or platforms. Here are some other guidelines that you need to follow when you write for us on business.

Captivating Openings to Engage Our Readers

In any piece of high-quality content, the opening paragraph is one of the most important aspects as it sets the tone for the entire article. So, we encourage guest contributors to write for us on business with a captivating introduction that has the potential to immediately draw the attention of the readers. Remember, it’s within those few words that the readers should gain a clear understanding of what the article contains. Also, it should have the ability to pique their interest and curiosity and leave them wanting to learn more.

Guest Posts on Business
Guest Posts on Business

We are not strict about the length of the article. Your business write for us blog posts can range anywhere from 500 words to 3,000 words. But we do emphasize the importance of the message you deliver through your content. Also, make sure that your article is comprehensive and provides meaningful insights that resonate with our audience.

Subheadings in a Reader-Friendly Format

The right subheadings are vital to ensure our readers grasp the information and flow of your article at first glance. Appropriate subheadings work as signpoints and guide the readers through the blog post while making it easier to read through the article. Furthermore breaking your blog post into small paragraphs enhances readability while ensuring the visitors on the website remain engaged.

Include Takeaways to Leave a Lasting Impression on Readers

We always look for blog posts that offer valuable information to our readers. And, as you are concluding your blog post, make sure there is clear learning, action or thought behind them to take away. Whether it’s thought-provoking ideas, actionable insights or inspiring personal growth, it’s important to leave a lasting impression on our visitors.

Language and Supporting Materials

We only want blog posts that are written in simple English to maintain accessibility and consistency for our global audience. Furthermore, you can enhance your blog posts by offering supporting materials that are in alignment with your business write for us article.

  • Videos – If you can find relevant ones, you may include videos to provide dynamic visual content and make the article more engaging.
  • Quotes – You are free to use relevant and impactful quotes to reinforce and highlight key messages that may be present within your article.
  • Images – Contributors can include two to three royalty-free images that can enrich the reader’s understanding.
  • Links to Relevant Sources – You can include one to two links to a commercial and popular website that can enhance the blog post’s credibility.
  • Infographics – We recommend simplifying complicated concepts with a visually appealing infographic.

Polish the Blog Post with the Right Grammar and Spelling

Before you send an email to us with your business write for us article, make sure to take the time to review the piece and thoroughly edit it. Keep in mind that we prioritize blog posts that maintain high standards of grammar and spelling. This ensures that the blog posts on our website are well-written while also enhancing the overall reader experience.

Showcase Your Experience with an Author Bio

At the end of the blog post, make sure to seize the opportunity to introduce yourself to our readers. For this, you should create a short biography that is approximately 100 to 150 words.

In the author bio, you may highlight your experience and expertise in the business domain and industry. Also, don’t forget to include a high-quality image of yourself. Contributors are also allowed to include a link to their website or blog to build their brand recognition and gain more visitors to their website.

Inspire with Your Unique Perspective

Ours is a platform that values innovation and creativity. So, we welcome only unique and original content that has not been published on any other website or platform. We firmly believe that every contributor’s fresh ideas and unique perspectives will inspire our readers and contribute to the enriching experience they look for in our blog.

Strike Balance with Inspiring and Informative Content

We request that our guest post contributors business write for us to strike a balance in their blog posts. Your blog posts need to provide valuable insight and knowledge in an informative way. Additionally, we want to inspire the readers on our website and leave them with a motivated and positive mindset.

Balance Promotion with Thought Placement of Links

There may be certain instances when our guest contributors would like to link their own website or content for additional reference or context. However, we would request that when you business write for us, please be sure to include only one link.

And, if you are looking to add any promotional links, they should be placed very discreetly, possibly towards the end of the blog post to ensure that the readers don’t get distracted from the core value and message of the article.

Give Credibility with Proper Attribution

When incorporating any references, quotes or data within your blog post, we request that you only include the proper attribution to the original piece. This is to ensure integrity and credibility within the information that is shared with our readers and also fosters authenticity and trust with them.

What We Publish

On our platform, we are passionate about sharing entrepreneur success stories, motivational stories and inspirational stories of startups and entrepreneurs in general. Our platform covers a wide range of topics including the latest updates in the world of business and entrepreneur articles. All you need to do is have a flair for writing along with an interest in the world of business.

We welcome all to become a part of our community with your fresh voice that can add a distinctive and unique blog post for our readers. You can business write for us and share your expertise while being able to reveal the fascinating journeys that startups and entrepreneurs have to go through as they embark upon their journey to success.

Our readers are eager to understand and learn how entrepreneurs and established business owners incorporate innovative business strategies and different ideas to make an impact on a global scale. So, you can become a part of our community that unravels the secrets of success and the other important aspects that shape the business landscape.

If you are eager to write for us on business and share your experiences and expertise, here is the best way to ensure your blog post is featured on our blog.

  • Choose a Topic

Before pitching an idea to us, make sure to spend some time taking a look at previously published articles on our platform. That will give you an idea about the type of content we are looking for. Next, you need to brainstorm and come up with three ideas for blog posts that you have expertise or experience in. These should also be ones that can become in-depth posts that are well-researched and fact-checked.

  • Pitch Your Ideas

Once you have shortlisted topics or ideas, you can get in touch with us at and present them to our editorial team. You need to share the ideas or topics for us to review and gain an understanding of whether or not it will be a good fit for our platform. If we like one or more suggestions, we will approve them and you can get started on your business write for us blog post.

  • Use Google Docs

To effectively receive prompt feedback and ensure smooth collaboration, we request that you business write for us and submit the content in Google Docs. This allows our team of editors to seamlessly collaborate with you and provide guidance on the direction they want you to take with the blog post.

We look forward to receiving your content and for you to business write for us and become a part of our growing community. Let’s inform and inspire our readers with important and compelling business insights.

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