CBD Oil vs. CBD Skin Care Creams


There is a great deal of hype surrounding CBD supplements and the various different ways that they can improve a person’s health and fitness levels. From improving sleep quality to reducing pain levels, CBD is often marketed as a cure-all solution.

Unfortunately, many people are disappointed when they try CBD products for the first time as they don’t get the full effects that they expect. What people rarely realize, however, is that this is often the result of choosing the wrong product for its intended purpose instead of it being a reflection of a product’s quality.

Despite CBD being a popular topic of conversation, there is very little information about choosing the right products. Certain CBD products can be highly effective in certain situations but utterly wrong in others.

Two products that often cause the most confusion are CBD oil and CBD skincare creams. Both products are great ways to use and benefit from CBD. However, only in the right situations.

What exactly are the differences between products like 1000mg CBD oil 30ml and CBD skin balms and creams, and which ones are the best?

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is the most traditional and most straightforward CBD product. All CBD oils are made using the same two core ingredients: CBD extract and carrier oil. Other ingredients, including flavors and effect enhancers, can then be added to this basic formula to create different types of CBD oils.

CBD oils can be used in various ways and are one of the reasons they are such a popular way to take CBD. The easiest and quickest way of using CBD oil is in the form of sublingual drops. Most CBD oil tinctures come with a handy dropper lid to quickly calculate the correct number of drops.

Alternatively, users can add CBD oil to food and drink recipes, which is an excellent way of incorporating CBD into meals.

What Is CBD Skincare Cream?

As the name suggests, CBD skincare creams are creams infused with CBD extract. Many brands offer a range of CBD creams and balms that can be used both for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

Increasingly, CBD is being used as an ingredient by beauty brands that make face and body creams for cosmetic purposes. In particular, it has become very popular in anti-aging skincare products as it is thought to enhance the benefits of such creams further.

CBD creams are designed to be used in exactly the same way as other CBD-free creams and skincare products. For example, CBD face creams can be used in place of regular face moisturizers and creams.

CBD Oil vs. CBD Cream – How Do They Affect the Body?

While CBD oils and creams both contain the same cannabinoids, the way that they interact with the body is very different.

CBD oils are ingested either on their own sublingually or with food. As a result of how CBD oils are consumed, they are processed through the body and into the bloodstream. The effects of CBD oil can therefore be felt across the entire body.

In contrast, CBD creams are applied to a specific area of the body in much the same way that other creams are used. As a result, the cannabinoids within CBD creams can only affect the area to which they have been applied.

The difference in how oils and creams interact with the body means that they are best suited to different purposes and situations.

CBD Oil vs. CBD Cream – When Are They Best?

CBD creams are generally best when you can apply them directly to the area you hope to treat with CBD. For example, CBD creams can be highly effective at treating dry and damaged skin or reducing inflammation within joints.

CBD creams are also great for cosmetic purposes. For example, CBD creams are the perfect way to keep the skin hydrated and looking healthy, minimizing the most noticeable signs of aging.

On the other hand, CBD oils are at their best when internal areas of the body are to be treated with CBD or when used as a dietary supplement, as the entire body can benefit from the effects.

Typical uses of CBD oil include managing stress and anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and conditions such as epilepsy or IBS. The effects of CBD oil can be felt throughout the entire body, which is often needed when treating persistent medical conditions.

The Verdict

Both CBD oil and skincare creams are excellent ways to use CBD and experience the many benefits that it has to offer.

The key to getting the most out of CBD products is choosing the correct one for its intended purpose. CBD creams are generally best for cosmetic use and treating areas of the body such as the skin, joints, or other areas to which CBD can be directly applied. On the other hand, CBD oils are great as dietary supplements and for managing chronic conditions and mood disorders.

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