Five Reasons Why Cloud Computing Is Changing the Face Of Business

Cloud Computing

Businesses around the world are embracing cloud technology to enhance their systems infrastructure. Security and data management is much improved. The convenience of remote access to applications and storage from anywhere, 24/7, is now possible. And most of all, it reduces operating costs.

A recent survey reported that almost 41% of the respondents have the desire to invest in cloud technology. 51% of the mid-sized to large organizations intend to increase their investment in cloud-based services. With this level of interest and demand for cloud technology, companies providing cloud technology and services are becoming increasingly popular.

What is the reason for this significant shift to cloud-based computing in the business industry?

Cloud computing offers many opportunities for companies to improve at multiple levels. It enables operations to become more efficient. It supports innovation to help the company stay competitive. Here are five reasons explaining how cloud computing is revolutionizing the operations in the business world.

1. Operational Improvements

The most popular reason why so many companies are embracing cloud technology is that it is scalable to a business of any size, and it can adapt to a company’s expansion. Cloud service providers can tailor support to whatever the current business need its, whether the company desires a partial transition or a full conversion of their local area network to the cloud. Access to data processing and storage becomes easier as it can be done remotely. The cloud service provider offers full support 24/7 to end-users whenever they use the system to minimize interruptions to the business.

Another key advantage to outsourcing cloud computing to a third party is that the service provider is now responsible for all aspects of the company’s data and system management. The service provider is accountable for addressing any risks involved. This gives the client peace of mind that the security of their data and systems is monitored and protected 24/7.

2. Reduction of Cost

Cloud-based computing saves the company money. By using a third-party cloud service provider, the company can reduce how much they spend on their IT department and personnel. They no longer need to hire their own IT employees to install, maintain, and upgrade systems. Less can be spent on servers, hardware and software because computing will no longer be done using local applications but through cloud services. This is a particularly big benefit for small businesses that do not have a large IT budget.

Through cloud computing, they can now have access to the same robust technology that large companies use without the need to invest in expensive equipment and software. The money saved from reducing IT expenditures can be reallocated to other areas of the company that are core to the business. Cloud computing allows for greater flexibility, better efficiency and higher productivity at a lower operational cost. This enables the company to stay competitive as they continue to innovate.

3. Enhanced Security for Data and Storage

Now more than ever, providers of cloud computing services are focusing on data security and protection for their clients. All the data and files are not stored in a single server but across a distributed network. The data is encrypted at the highest level, so access is restricted to only users who have the correct authorization and passwords. Firewalls and anti-virus/anti-malware software administered through the cloud add another layer of protection. This significantly improves and strengthen data and storage security.

On top of this, companies are able to take advantage of the computing power of high-end equipment that they do not have to invest in because this is all part of the cloud service. Data retrieval and exchange are fast and seamless, thus further boosting productivity and efficiency.

4. Increased Flexibility

One of the features that employees like about cloud computing is that it allows them to access data, applications, and files when they are not in the office. The ability to work remotely has become a key benefit provided to company employees. Employees can work, communicate and collaborate with their colleagues regardless of where they are in the world. This reduces interruptions of work and further improves operational efficiency. The cloud service provider can also offer support through a remote team of systems experts to address and resolve any issues that come up. A team that is restricted to in-house support is no longer necessary. As the workforce becomes more mobile, the company benefits from greater flexibility in getting the systems to support what they need seamlessly, 24/7. This is a major reason why so many companies are converting to cloud computing.

5. Improved Customer Support

Cloud computing technology has made major advances through the years. Support provided to end-users is no longer confined to only phone support. Chatbots, through artificial intelligence, are able to fulfil much of the need for end-user support immediately. There is less need for the end-user to wait for live customer support, which can take a while depending on how long the support queue is. Live assistance is always available for complex issues, but clients are very happy with getting a prompt answer to many of their questions and requests through chatbots. This reinforces a more positive experience in customer support.

What is the verdict? Satisfied clients recommend cloud computing to their colleagues, and word is spread in the industry.

The business challenges that companies face on a daily basis are still here. However, adopting cloud computing offers solutions that can effectively address many of these challenges head-on at a reduced cost. This is why more and more companies in the business world are converting to cloud-based services for the better of their business.

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