4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need a Cloud Phone System

Cloud Phone System

Customers are the king of today’s era, and satisfying them is the company’s prime motive. To satisfy customers, there should be effective tools so that customers can communicate with companies easily and without delay in time.

There is several software out there which are providing communication tools to communicate with customers. But there isn’t an easier or more cost-effective solution for most businesses than a hosted phone system.

This technology allows small and medium-sized businesses to have a sophisticated telephone system without the cost and expense of traditional on-premise telephone equipment. The entire telephone system is operated and maintained in the cloud.

Hence one of the names you may be familiar with cloud-based technology is- Cloud Phone System.

What is Cloud Phone System?

A Cloud Phone System is a VOIP business telephone solution that a provider hosts for you on their servers. This differs from on-premise PBX deployed at your location and can require crazy hardware. Yes, cloud phone systems are cheaper than other PBX, saving companies between 30% to 50% on communications costs. It is a solution that helps you manage customer calls efficiently without needing an on-premise PBX phone system.

Cloud phone systems are accessible from any device with internet access, whether a desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet. So, unlike any other system, they are not tied to a single physical location. Instead, they can go wherever your team goes. It provides the kind of flexibility needed for today’s increasingly mobile workforce.

In addition, it includes a faster and easier setup process scalability and a high uptime, thanks to plenty of remote data centers and serious time savings tools.

While choosing your cloud-based provider, be sure to look for these five features which help you effectively set up this system.

Five Features to consider while choosing this system:

1) Drag and drop call routing:

It includes customizing call flows with a drag and drop editing interface, saving time and making it easier to perform quick changes with just a few clicks.

2) Interactive Voice Response or IVR:

IVR uses pre-recorded voice prompts to help callers easily navigate call menus by either speaking their responses directly onto the phone or entering them via the dial pad. It directs inbound calls to an available agent at the right department or lets customers take action like booking an appointment or paying a bill without ever needing to connect to a live representative.

3) Unified Communication:

Unified Communication means that customers and agents can connect on more than just standard telephone calls through additional communications channels like SMS texting, video conferencing, and many more that all come together in one unified interface.

4) Integrations

The integration lets you combine third-party tools like file manager, google drive, CRM platform software, or task manager solution into the same interface as your cloud phone system. It also allows team collaboration features like instant chat messaging, file sharing, co-editing, etc.

5) Mobility:

Finally, perhaps the biggest advantage that cloud phone systems have brought us is the ability to get set up on any device in a matter of minutes.

Benefits of cloud phone system:

  • Easy Plug-and-Play solution for a remote workforce.
  • Gain key insights into your client communication.
  • Ability to work from anywhere.
  • Drastically down operational prices.
  • Greatly improved client expertise.

Four reasons why small businesses need a cloud phone system:

1) Easy Collaboration:

Your worker will update information in real-time and build the most recent data accessible for everybody from all over. Small businesses don’t have to be compelled to pay time for an associate update as service suppliers watch out for it alone. It eliminates the fix of servers that successively brings potency. Small businesses will get pleasure from access to their information and application simultaneously with their groups.

It is less seemingly to suffer maintenance issues, which means less period and more additional reliable service for your customers. It will increase the productivity of staff by using one tool. It offers you a position competitive together with your competitors. It will offer you safeguard from human errors.

2) Improve Flexibility:

Customized cloud solutions are scalable and can grant access even to new users once their authorization is tried. It allows remote operating, thus no travel value and less hardware. With fewer hardware necessities, preparation of the cloud saves electricity and energy.

It will be adjusted to your ever-changing wants, and there is virtually no downtime. It permits you to access your dashboard and answer calls on the go while not being tied to your workplace. It permits you to continue your business operations if it is noncontinuous. It lets your small businesses find out their system with no support. Companies will add new extensions with decision management using cloud phones.

3) Upgrade Security:

If a tool used to log in to cloud storage is stolen or misplaced, the info kept in it will not be exposed to unauthorized users. It keeps your information safe, secure, and sound, even throughout information disasters. Suppliers offer a tremendous period of time with the cloud, saving small businesses from massive losses. It will save the information from larceny and change.

If your information is saved in cloud storage, you will restore it if it somehow got erased. Information security is a major facet as your company’s whole information depends. A Cloud phone system will use serious secret writing to shield your information whereas it’s being employed or sent over the net. It eases the analysis of trends. Some cloud systems conjointly embrace inherent information analytics to help you in characteristic trends.

4) Cost Reduction:

The cloud phone system can use its resources to correct files and update your company’s information storage devices while not investing further. It allows small businesses to place associate finish to buying and maintaining information technology instrumentally.

Small businesses should pay for used resources, saving ample cash and time. It doesn’t need large direct capital and high maintenance fees. It is straightforward to implement and scale. Cloud-based VoIP phone systems credit cheaper occupations. It saves you from installation, maintenance, and infrastructure prices.


A cloud phone system is vital for small businesses. It will improve the business’s overall operations and may facilitate the business to earn profit and gain client satisfaction. It can improve client experience and increase shopper retention. The cloud makes it straightforward and reasonable for smaller businesses to speak with their customers.

Frequent ask questions:-

1) How does the cloud phone system work?

The cloud phone system works through your net affiliation. This answer uses VOIP technology to transmit calls via the net. You will integrate cloud phone solutions with your existing system, which suggests that there is no need for ancient instrumentality.

2) What features are provided by the cloud phone system?

  • Mobile Device Support.
  • Voicemail to Email.
  • Auto Attendants.
  • Call Recording.
  • Call Forwarding.
  • No Maintenance.
  • Automatic System Update.
  • Adjusting VOIP Codecs.

3) Are there any drawbacks to a cloud phone system?

Cloud phone system is extremely helpful for small businesses; however, each system has some limitations. The limitation of the cloud phone systems is:

  • Network affiliation dependency (must be a stable net connection).
  • Depends on cloud suppliers.
  • Interoperability.

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