Move to cloud telephony before moving anything – Here’s why

Giving thought to relocate as a business, or have planned it already?

Needless to say, you are going to have a tough time ahead. Moving/relocating an office is one of the last things that a business would like to encounter, as it is not only time-consuming but highly tedious. Having said this, doing so is sometimes the need of the hour. In that case, you must plan diligently and adopt ways that can endow you with a smooth process.

Out of all the things, moving IT infrastructure and the business phone system is what gives you a headache. You can’t afford to go incognito or untraceable while you are moving for a better and brighter future. The contact between you and your business associates must remain intact during the relocation process. However, is it possible in the real-world?

Yes, only if you are choosing a cloud-based system over PSTN-based telephony.

The headaches involved in moving offices with PSTN telephony

The PSTN-based phone system keeps you glued with a particular location. Everything starting from the phone system to the fax machine, is deployed on your site with complex configuration.

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If you are moving outside your exchange area, the journey ahead is nothing but an uphill struggle as on-site equipment in PSTN telephony fails to work outside your exchange area. Your local phone number will be working in any other part at an added cost. For international operations, the cost can be too pocket-heavy to bear. All these things make moving with PSTN-based telephony highly exhausting.

Keep the tedious process aside. Moving with PSTN is a little pocket-heavy as well. Uninstallation and re-installation of the on-site telephony system are costly as well. You need to pay the technicians for the job and, surely, something or other requires replacement or maintenance. Hence, you need to spend a great fortune in the process. It can be a little out-of-control for a greenhorn business.

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The uncomplicated moving with a cloud-based phone system

Businesses are in awe with the ease that cloud telephony brings in their life. Starting from low call incurring charges to hassle-free maintenance, it has made things better, advanced, and result-oriented by all means. As everything related to telephony is deployed on cloud and can be operated from anywhere/any device, relocating business is more than easy with it. You can move your offices without creating any fuss and disturbance in day-to-day operations.

A virtual phone system comes with a plug-and-play system and doesn’t demand to build on-site infrastructure to support its system. Hence, there are no PBX, phone lines, and other equipment backing its operations in your IT room. All you need to do is plug into a WAN connection, and it’s good to go.

If your WAN connection is taking time to deploy at the new location, then there is nothing to be worried about. You can ask for a calling app from the service provider.

Using this app and an online phone number, you can make/receive calls, send the emails, listen to the voicemails, communicate via SMS, and do whatever you were doing with your prior phone system using any of the data-devices (laptop, tablet, mobile phone) and any network connections (Wi-Fi or mobile data connection). Hence, you’ll never lose control over your operations, even if you are in the process of office relocation and shifting.

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Moving your office with an online phone number is not at all pocket-heavy as there is nothing to uninstall and reinstall. Everything is deployed on the cloud and can be used by a simple login. As far as system maintenance is concerned, that part is also taken care of by the service providers. They bear the responsibility of system updates and maintenance. As a business, nothing is imposed on you apart from a monthly rental fee.

Things to take care while moving to the cloud

Though moving to a cloud phone system like PBX is the best decision you can make to ensure hassle-free relocation, you can only benefit if it is done right. Certain aspects need your unwavering attention while you are moving to the cloud.

Never move without doing SWOT analysis – SWOT or Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats is what you should do beforehand to understand the caveats involved in the process. Moving without doing this can be highly perilous for you.

Check the health of your existing on-site telephony system- If your on-site phone system is relatively new and is in pink health, moving to the cloud is not a good idea. It takes a lot of investment to build an on-site phone system, and if it’s relatively new, you better keep it.

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Select the right service provider- All of the above-mentioned cloud telephony benefits can be availed only if you are joining hands with a trusted and reliable Cloud phone system service provider.

So, the bottom line is, you should move to the cloud before you plan to move your office location. With a cloud-based phone system, relocation is easy and effortless at every step.

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