Digital communication strategy: 7 steps to achieve it

Digital communication

We have our project, we are excited and decided to create a page on Facebook and Instagram. We publish our products, brand attributes, among others. However, weeks and months go by and we don’t know where to go, like a ship without a north. Has it ever happened to you?

It is common not to know where to start when we start in the digital world, lack of time and ignorance are our main enemies. So you decide to hire a specialist, but what is the use of looking for another person if you do not have the concepts clear? It is necessary to know if that person is doing her job well or badly.

For this reason, in this article, we want to give you these general concepts, as Archimedes said “give me a point of support and I will move the world”.Here we will give that support so that you know the starting point of any brand communication development.

First, let’s start with a simple question…

What is digital communication for?

Digital communication is synonymous with being present in the most used social networks; Now, thatdoesn’t mean you have to be in all of them. Analyze which ones are the most suitable.For example, if your company is dedicated to providing services to other businesses, focus your efforts on LinkedIn. If you are an ecommerce, Instagram is the ideal platform.

Remember that digital channels are like groups of communities, each one has a different audience, certain ages, different tastes and interests.

Being where your customers have more presence is vital for your business. Choose the channels where your brand will live well so that you reach them in the best way.

Now, the importance of digital communication

is that you can share all your information much faster and more efficiently, especially it is a cheaper option because creating a digital profile has zero cost.

Before starting to position yourself in the digital world, you must personify your company, which is calleda brand person.That is, determine the style of communication, the impression you want to give to your customers, their tastes, interests, among others.

Build a digital communication strategy in 7 steps

Once we know the basic concepts we can start with the strategy:

Establish what you want to communicate

We must set ourselves a clear objective, know what we are going to communicate. Whether it’s just the attributes of the brand, the products it offers, or some other type of content. For example, if your brand has a new product, the focus of the communication plan will be on this topic for a couple of months. It all depends on what you want to reinforce.

Define your audience

Establishing who we are going to address is very important because it is one of the bases of the communication strategy, since an accurate definition will increase the chances of meeting the objectives you set for yourself.

Choose your digital channels

Once you know what you want to communicate, you need to know where you will publish it. To do this,analyze which social network your audience is on.Establish the formats that your communications will have, the frequency of your publications and the message of each one.

The most personalized channels such as mail andchats such asWhatsApp should also be considered as a digital channel. Discord is also considered to be a great platform for communications. Many users search for the top Discord botsto get more exposure. Remember that this term implies the various forms of communication that your brand has with users.

content strategy

We know what we want to communicate and what channels they will be on. Only the final part is missing: creating contentmarketingstrategies for each digital channel. Don’t just focus on offering who you are or your products, but also allow your users to receive valuable content, keep in mind that you are competing with their friends’ posts. There is a rule that those who work indigital marketing follow:“make your content shareable”.

Know what to do when they write to you

This part is very important, we must have a contingency plan for any situation. What would happen if a user has a complaint? There are big brands that fell for not knowing what to do in difficult times. That is why anticipate certain moments such as: claims, complaints, poor treatment by staff, among others.

Believe it or not, even the most insane situation can catch us in the air without knowing what to do.

On the other hand, it is essential that you respond quickly to messages to improve communication with your customers. You can help yourself withtools such as chatbots, which serve customers in a fast and personalized way.

Prepare a small budget

Nothing is free in this life. Although having digital channels is free, the reach will not be as high if some publications do not have paid advertising. Within your initial plan establish one or two monthly publications that you will pay for reach or interaction.

It is very important to define how much you can spend during the month so that you can divide it up and give a percentage to each publication.

Measuring the results of your operation is vital to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Use platforms that provide you with accurate data to evaluate your metrics or KPIs.

measure the results

In digital everything is measurableand to know that you met your goals, establish some metrics to be met for a month or a fortnight. This way you will know what the steps to follow are or at what point the strategy should be reinforced.

As you can see, a communication strategy goes beyond communicating your products or services. It is also important to know your audience, accompany them in their day to day and that your business is one more friend of their social networks.

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