Digital Kit for SMEs: everything you need to know

Digital Kit

The digitization of these small and medium-sized companies is a key issue for the future of the economy.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation has createdthe Digital Kit programto subsidize all companies that want to continue taking steps in this area.

If you have been hearing about these aids for some time and you still have doubts, it is time to resolve them: The funds will be allocated until they are exhausted and there are already 87,500 registered SMEs. In addition, the first term opens on March 15.

What is the Digital Kit

The Digital Kit is an economic aid program aimed at the digitization of small businesses, micro-businesses and self-employed workers. Its objective is, therefore, to significantly increase the level of digital maturity ofcompanies with between 1 and 49 employees.

The amount of these non-refundable grants will rangefrom €2,000 to €12,000,depending on the size of each organization. This amount, which is known asa digital voucher, must be used to purchase products and services from authorized Digitizing Agents.

Among the services that can be acquired with these grants are those related to the website and Internet presence, modern process management and the use ofbusiness intelligenceand analytical tools, among others.

What are digitizing agents

Digitizing agents are all those companies that will offer digitization solutions previously approved by Acelera Pyme, the body in charge of organizing these grants. The beneficiary companies will be able to invest the digital bond among up to five Digitizing Agents.

Therefore, SMEs and freelancers can use the digital bonus in our CRM for sales teams. If you want more information about our solution and how to obtain it through these aids, accessour Digital Kit portal.

What digital solutions can be requested

In case of being one of the beneficiary companies of the digital bond, the regulatory bases contemplate ten areas in which it is possible to invest the aid:

  • Websites and Internet presence.
  • Electronic commerce.
  • Social media management.
  • Customer Management. In administrative process for digitaltechupdates to appear as Digitizer Agent.
  • Business intelligence and analytics.
  • Virtual office services and tools.
  • Process management.
  • Electronic bill.
  • Secure communications.
  • Cybersecurity.

Which companies can access the aid

The Government of Spain has set a series of requirements that must be met by companies that wish to benefit from this digitization plan. First of all, by size:

  • Small businesses,10 to 49 employees. They will receive 12,000 euros per company.
  • Micro-enterprises,from 3 to 9 employees. They will receive 6,000 euros each.
  • Micro-companies or self-employed,from 1 to 2 employees. They can receive 2,000 euros.

Other aspects that must be fulfilled are:

  • Be up to date with payments with the Treasury and Social Security.
  • Not incurring in any of the prohibitions provided for in the General Subsidies Law.
  • Be registered in the Census of businessmen, professionals and withholding agents of the Treasury or in the equivalent census of the Foral Tax Administration.
  • Not be subject to a pending recovery order following a prior decision by the European Commission.
  • Do not exceed the minimum aid limit(€200,000)
  • Have the evaluation of the Digital Maturity Level according to the diagnostic test on theAcelera Pyme platform.
  • Not be considered a company in crisis.

How to apply for aid from the Digital Kit program

The procedure is very simple and will take you less than an hour to complete. A really positive return on investment 🙂

  1. Access Acelera Pyme and register your company through anonline form.
  2. Take thedigital diagnostic test, which will assess the maturity of your company in this area. It is made up of 13 questions and takes ten minutes to complete.
  3. There are two optional tests. Self-assessment of digital transformation, so that we can be guided towards the most convenient solutions for our organization; and Cybersecurity self-assessment, to find out our degree of digital protection.

How to use the digital bonus

If your application has been approved, congratulations! It is time to decide, as a beneficiary, what to invest the grant in. Important: You will have up to six months to start using your digital bonus.

  1. Access the marketplaceenabled by Acelera Pyme andchoose the digitizing agent or agentsthat best suit your needs. You can distribute the digital bonus in up to five services.
  2. The beneficiary and the Digitizing Agent will negotiate, sign and formalize theirDigitizing Solutions Provision Agreement.
  3. Once the agreement has been formalized, the Digitizing Agent will implement the requirements of each phase of the digitizing solution.
  4. The Digitizing Agent will issuea single invoiceonce the first phase of service provision has been completed with the full amount.
  5. Thebeneficiary will pay the ineligible expenses(VAT) and will assign the right to collect the eligible amount in favor of the Digitizing Agent.
  6. The Digitizing Agent will complete its servicesfor a maximum period of 12 months from the start of implementation.

Key dates

As we said at the beginning, the allocation of funds will continue until the end of the 3,067 million euros financed by the European Union through the Next Generation EU funds.Not all the deadlines are known yet, but there are some that you should take into account:

  • March 15 at 11:00 a.m.Opening of the first call, designed for organizations with between 10 and 49 employees. It will remain open until September 15 or such time as funds are exhausted.
  • Before the summer. No date announced.The period will be open for companies with between 3 and 9 workers.
  • From September. No date announced.The term will remain open for micro-enterprises with 1 or 2 employees and the self-employed.

digitaltechupdates, your ally in the digitization of sales

digitaltechupdates has been accredited as Digitizing Agent. Therefore, our CRM for sales teams is now available in the marketplace enabled by Acelera Pyme.

In addition, in ourportal on the Digital Kityou will find information on the advantages of our software and you can request that we contact you to answer your questions and help you with the application for state aid. More than 1,600 sales departments around the world trust us.

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