The influencer world continues to hit hard despite its detractors as many brands start to get tired of these new “gods”. However, consumers adore them and follow them with fervor, so we cannot develop a communication and marketing campaign leaving them aside.

There are as many types of influencers as there are brands and consumers and it is important to know them in order to detect those who are going to help us relaunch our business. Classifications can be made by content, social network, age of the target audience, sectors, etc. But if we had to start with one, at, we would opt for the number of followers it has.

For example, at the top of this list we would find the celebrities or famous “of all life.” Those whom everyone knows by their work or family heritage and who do not need any more introduction than to say their name. They are usually regulars in the media and many even have a fan club.

Communication agencies tell us that working with these profiles is usually quite comfortable since they know how the world works, what they should say and the importance of appearances. The main problem is their fees, so it is difficult for a small company to hire David Bisbal, Andrés Iniesta, Eva González or Paula Echevarría.

Another type of influencer is the opinion leader who has created a figure through their experience and recommendations. Their followers follow them because they trust their criteria and want to know what they have to say about a certain product or service. These characters fit in with almost all types of brands because they are not specialized in a specific sector, so if you are looking for this it is better to opt for those profiles that are thematic specialists. That is, those who only talk about the same sector: sports, motherhood, food, beauty …

On the other hand, we have the influencers who have become known with the arrival of social networks. They have worked on their personal brand through video blogs or blogs, providing new and interesting content for their followers. Their fees are not usually unreasonable and are more affordable for SMEs. Some of them could be said to be specialists in some topics, although most are opinion leaders who speak of various sectors without committing themselves exclusively to any one.

Within this classification we have those who love to discover new products or services . You could say that they base the bulk of their reputation on trying new brands and giving their opinion on it. They have great credibility among their followers and companies that want to launch a new product fit them perfectly because they know how to do it without receiving express guidelines, in fact some of these figures are specialized by sectors so include them in a campaign of launch is usually a success.

And, finally, we should talk about those profiles that struggle to make themselves known but have not yet reached a status of “super influencer “, but are in a process of creating a personal brand and attracting followers, although they already have a loyal but insufficient audience for big brands. Of course, their rates are usually more affordable and even charge only in kind since they cannot yet be considered trendsetters for large masses.

And at this point, you are surely wondering which is the ideal influencer for your brand. Well, without fear of being wrong, we would aim for a mix of all of them, depending on the campaign. Not only will it expand your possibilities of publicizing your brand, but you will also save and be able to implement a more durable strategy over time. Although the last word should always be your communication agency , as a good connoisseur of the market and your business, it will be able to guide you and advise you on which profiles to include in each strategy to achieve the objectives set and not go over budget.