Easiest Sports to Bet On

Sports to Bet

If you find yourself getting worn out from looking at NFL odds, then perhaps you will want to take a look at different betting options. Even though the NFL is the most popular sport to wager on, this is not the only good sport to wager on.

You obviously want to stick to sports that you know when betting on sports, but it might be time to expand your horizons a bit. If you are looking for a new sport to target, then look at some of the easiest sports to bet on listed below.


There is a reason that football is a popular sport to wager on, and that is simply because it is a profitable sport to bet on as well. The biggest reason for this is that there is so much relevant information about the sport.

Another reason football has become an easy sport to bet on is that there are so many betting options available. There are even some great football betting opportunities that won’t involve too many stats.


Football is the most popular sport in the US, but it is soccer that leads the way worldwide. Soccer is a sport that doesn’t typically see much scoring, making it a little bit easier to wager on.

There will be limited betting opportunities when it comes to soccer, but that is actually a good thing in this situation.

Instead of trying to do a ton of time-consuming research, you can simply focus on the few available betting options.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is a sport that is still featured at the online sportsbooks, but most of this betting is done in-person at the track. There is a chance to win big on a horse racing event, especially if you nail the trifecta.

This is an extremely exciting sport, but there aren’t always a ton of surprising upsets, especially in big races.

Picking an upset can lead to a massive payout, but it’s also beneficial to simply take the winnings and bet on the favorite.


One reason tennis is a sport that is easier to bet on is that tennis tournaments take place all year long. Not only are these tournaments taking place, but there are so many matches with each event.

Some of the early games of a tournament tend to be pretty easy betting opportunities, but not if you are only interested in betting the Moneyline. The odds aren’t going to be in your favor, but you can explore other options.

Tennis tends to see very few upsets in the early rounds, and that will allow you to focus on making the best bet.


Baseball might not be a popular betting option yet in the United States, but that will change over time. Even though there is plenty of unpredictability when it comes to baseball, there are certain matchups that usually hold true.

Starting pitchers tend to dominate the sport of baseball, especially now. Looking at the starting pitching matchup is usually a good gauge of how a game might go, and it’s a great place to start your research.


Boxing is another sport that is easy to wager on because there are only a number of betting options. This takes some of the decision-making out of the process and then lowers your chances of screwing something up.

Boxing used to be a sport that dominated the sports betting industry, but that is no longer the case. If you can find some boxing betting odds, they would be worth taking a look at and seeing if you can win some money.

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