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In today’s world everyone is looking for free content and nothing is as good compared to the torrent sites. 1337x. is one of the most popular torrent sites available in India. It is said that this site is the third most popular torrent sites available in the world. This offers peer to peer connection and with the help of it one can download different types of movies, songs, television series and an entire set of entertainment. Torrents are pretty popular since lots of projects are being made across the world and it is not possible for a single person to cover everything in his or her lifetime. Hence one saves his time of visiting the theatre all the time and download the movies he would love to watch.

How does it work?

This site follows the bittorrent protocol. If you are a torrent user, you will realise how much traffic these websites face every day. 1337xto is one of the most efficient one and you are going to get the magnet of your favourite movies here. No matter how old or new are the movies, you can always get what you wish for. This website is pretty popular among its users. These site has lots of women users across the world. In some countries going to movie theatres is a tough thing, torrents are pretty helpful in those conditions. This is the reason behind its immense popularity.


1337x torrent was started its journey back in 2007 and initially it wasn’t that much popular. It had moderate traffic towards every post they make. But in 2016 a serious change happened in the field of torrents. Kickass torrents which was one of the most popular and well built sites got a closure. It was so sudden that the followers got dumbstruck. This is the time when x1337x got popularity. All the followers of Kickass found this site to be dependable and they started flowing to this website only making it a huge hit back in 2016. Since then, 1337x.to is doing immensely well.

The banning

In October 2016 it started redesigning its website and the working platform. Then it got banned from Google’s search list following a report by the Feelgood entertainment. So if you are unable to find this website at the google search list, you can easily try the 1337x proxy pathway available out there. Lots of options are available and you can easily reach the website and choose what you want out of it. Pirate bay which is one of the most popular torrent sites is also not available on google search list. 1337x is considered as one of the most efficient options available after Pirate Bay. You will get several 1337x proxy/ mirror sites online.

Know how to do it?

So how will you do it? You need to visit the website. You will get a search box somewhere on the page. Click on it and put the name of the movie you want to watch. All the options related to the keywords that you have put will be displayed on your screen. You just need to click on the movie that you want to watch and they will show the magnet. You can either download the magnet and manually apply it on your bittorrent window, or you can allow the website to do that on its own. The magnet will automatically be downloaded and the movie will start getting downloaded as well.

If more options available?

If more than one options are available there. What will you do? Say you are going to download a movie and you saw two to three results with the same name. That means several users have uploaded the same file. Now you can choose the resolution of your wish. You can either go by the resolution or you can check the seeds and peers. These two are two important variables when it comes to torrent movies. These two helps you to download efficiently from the website. If the seeds and peers count is satisfactory, one can download movies of good quality from torrents.

You can make requests

Request option is available. If one wants to make requests of any particular movie, he can go for that. Request box is available and the request goes directly to the admin of the website. If the movie is available to them, they will upload. If not, they will take time and try finding it for you. In most of the cases, this website uploads what you have asked for. Lots of requirements come every day and they need some time to sort all of these requirements. But then, they try and find solutions as soon as possible. So in most cases, the requirements get fulfilled. If you have any requests to make, you can do that anytime.

For any kind of entertainment, 1337x is there for all of its visitors. It provides wonderful contents for its users with good quality and efficient downloading options.

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