Gaming Gadgets You Should Have

Gaming Gadgets

Everyone should have essential gaming gadgets like a mechanical keyboard and an armrest if they spend a lot of time in front of a PC. Many people still don’t know the difference between a mechanical and a membrane keyboard, but it can improve your gaming experience a lot. The great thing is that many gadgets nowadays are cheap and accessible to everyone considering that we have websites like Amazon or Aliexpress to order them from around the world.

The gadgets don’t have to be strictly used for gaming because most people use their PCs or laptops for other activities that will help them keep healthy habits. Even while checking the predictions today, you would want to do it relaxed so you can focus on analyzing the games. This can include having a great chair, table, cable management, lighting, etc.

Adjustable Tables

Even if a table isn’t a gadget, there are a few gadgets that you can add to your table. One of the things is that your table can rise and lower on demand. This is very important if you want to keep your back safe and keep playing. This is what most people use in the office where they need to spend more than 7 hours at the desk, so they will raise the table and work standing.

Professional streamers also use these tables because they spend at least 5 hours streaming their gameplay. The other features can include cable management which is a part of your table because everything will be placed on it. Not only that it will be more appealing, but it will be easier to clean it. Dust particles are attracted to the cables because of the electricity so having everything in one place is a huge help when cleaning.

Mobile Phone Controller

Mobile controllers have become very popular in the past five years because mobile gaming has become huge. Even if it’s not allowed in the eSports industry because it will enable you to play on a much higher level, these controllers are very cheap and can be used for any mobile game. If you are looking for one on Aliexpress, they can cost from $5 to $50, depending on the quality.

Amazon also has a lot of options, and the price goes from $20 to $100, but the quality is usually better. This is a whole new gaming experience that you should try because it feels like playing a console game on a mobile phone. You will also have an advantage over players that are not using this gadget.

Gaming Glasses

If you love gaming and spend a lot of hours in front of the screen, you would want to have some protection. Gaming glasses are starting to become a trend even if you don’t have a dioptre; many people wear see-through glasses as a fashion statement. But there are lenses that can be used for protection, and there are a few options that you can buy depending on the screen you are looking at.

The price for these glasses depends on the type of lenses used, but it usually goes for around $100. Buying a branded version might be a better option because it concerns your health. You can wear them all the time, and they won’t affect your sight; they can only help you prevent having lousy eyesight.

Finger Sleeve

This is something new on the market made for professional gamers that like to think about everything in detail in their gaming career. Finger sleeves are just what the name suggests, sleeves for your fingers that will help you have better control over the controller so it won’t slip.

It’s mainly used for mobile gaming, so you won’t damage your screen or make it wet through sweating. The top ones are made by Razer, so that you can expect quality, and the price is $10. It might be interesting to try it out if you play many games on your phone.

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