Getting Cheap Flights From Nashville, What You Need to Know

Getting cheap flights from Nashville is easy if you know how to search well. If you’re departing from the city of country music, you have a lot of flight options to choose from as 49 airlines are operating in the Nashville International Airport.

Important Information:

Nashville International Airport (BNA) is 8.5 miles from Nashville downtown. It offers non-stop flights to 63 cities around the world.

About 2, 540 domestic and 66 international flights are departing in the airport each week. Popular airlines in BNA include JetBlue, American Airlines, United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Delta Air Lines.

The airport serves 10 million travelers each year. November is the month with most flight bookings while December has the least flight bookings. Getting good deals on flights is easy since there are many options for passengers.

Popular flights from Nashville include flights from Nashville to different destinations, such as Las Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia, Denver, Tampa, and New York City.

Nashville International Airport has one major passenger terminal and three concourses. While waiting for your flight, you can enjoy the beautiful artwork of local and national artists displayed at the airport.

How to get Cheap Flights from Nashville:

  • Book your flight tickets in advance.

Don’t wait for last-minute bookings. You can save more if you book it earlier.

  • Get updates.

Subscribe to email alerts in order to know the latest promos or flight deals. This can save you time and is less stressful. It also alerts you of the best day to travel when tickets become cheaper.

  • Keep it a secret.

Your browsing on flight search engines and other flight sites should be discreet. Repeated searches can tend to increase the price of airfares since they know that you keep on searching and you’re in need to book that flight.

Search in incognito. Always delete the browsing history so you’ll always get the best airfare rate.

  • Use flight search engines.

Most search engines provide airfares that are higher than other sites. It’s because they got a cut from the airlines.

Search different search engines and compare them. Before you decide to book, search for the best price.

Don’t focus on just one flight search engine. Take a look at others and combine to see the lowest airfare.

  • Mind the hidden fees.

Sometimes, what you think is cheap airfare comes out to be expensive because of hidden costs like fees, meals on the flight, and taxes. Before booking, know what you are paying.

  • Don’t buy a ticket on weekends.

Don’t book a ticket on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday because it’s the busiest day for vacationers and leisure travelers. It’s also popular for businessmen who are heading home. The best day to buy a ticket is Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • Pick a flight with your destination as a layover.

Not everyone knows this trick but this actually works. The idea is to choose your destination as a layover.

There are some sites that work like this. For instance, you are flying from Los Angeles to San Juan while the layover in New York.

Your destination is New York, so instead of arriving in San Juan, you will get off in New York since it is really your destination. Airfares are cheaper.

  • Choose to fly from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. or after 8:00 p.m.

Flights from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. or after 8:00 p.m are cheaper. If you notice since it is earlier, not a lot of people don’t like to fly during these hours. They prefer midday.

  • Refund within 24 hours.

Not many people know that you can refund the ticket you purchased (with money not by points) if it’s within 24 hours. If you see a cheaper ticket within the day, you can cancel your ticket or get a refund to get the new ticket.

  • Don’t choose the seats.

Some people like to choose their own seats. Others prefer near the windows or near the aisles. They don’t mind paying extra for “preferred seats.”

  • Don’t miss the emails.

Frontier, Spirit, and Southwest airlines always send emails to promote their seat sales and special pricing. Usually, these are $100 and below. Don’t forget to check emails like this because you can miss big discounts on airfare.

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