GoDaddy is a web host, email and company registrar, and website-building platform. This site helps anyone set up a business website or an online business platform. GoDaddy gives its users a fully functional Virtual Private Server to help you in your business in the best way possible. GoDaddy also provides you with an email id that helps in promotional matters for your company. In addition, it enables you to stay in touch with your customers and other business associates through an official email id.

Like any other email-providing system, like Gmail and Yahoo, GoDaddy provides an Email id with an extension called MINE. This MINE feature sends several documents, videos, photographs, and other soft documents. But, getting an Email id while using GoDaddy is more challenging than with other Email Service Providers. GoDaddy Email id is provided only to those with a domain registered. After creating the domain, you would have to pay a fee to create either a personal email id or a business one. The price for a business account is much higher than the personal id as it reaches many more people.

Having a domain is the only way to get the email id from GoDaddy, but there are many ways to access that email. This article will provide all the methods to access your email address.

Step-by-step guide for Email login in GoDaddy:

Steps to access the GoDaddy email address using a Web Browser:

Accessing the GoDaddy email id through a web browser is not any different from other email id logins. First, open the web browser and enter the required details and your email address. Then, refer to the following steps to access your GoDaddy email address using a web browser:

Step 1: Open your web browser on your laptop; after doing so, search for GoDaddy in the search bar and open the official site of GoDaddy.

Step 2: After opening the GoDaddy official site, search for the GoDaddy email tool and click on it.

Step 3: Enter your GoDaddy email credentials and required details, if any, after clicking on the email tool.

Step 4: After filling in your correct information, click on log in, and you will have successfully accessed your GoDaddy email platform.

Steps to access the GoDaddy email address using the GoDaddy dashboard:

Logging into your GoDaddy email address through the GoDaddy dashboard is straightforward. All you need to do is open the dashboard and log in with your credentials. Then, follow the steps below to get a better picture:

Step 1: The first step would be to open google chrome or any other form of the web browser. Search for the official GoDaddy website.

Step 2: After opening the official site of GoDaddy, enter your GoDaddy account credentials to log in to the site.

Step 3: After logging in to the GoDaddy website, search for the Email Management option. Click on it to open a new page.

Step 4: The new page will take you to your currently operational or in-progress emails. On the right side of the email list will be an option called Webmail. Click on it.

Step 5: Open your email account using this tool after clicking on the Webmail option.

Steps to access the GoDaddy email address using Mobile Bowser:

The phone is the only electronic gadget that is always handy and available for use. Use the following steps to access the GoDaddy email address using a mobile browser:

Step 1: Open your mobile browser. It can be either your in-built web browser or any other web browser.

Step 2: Enter the GoDaddy URL to gain access.

Step 3: To gain access, you would have to find the letter ‘m’ written before the site’s name. This will convert the search into your mobile web browser, and you will not have to do it separately.

Step 4: You can also use the official website of GoDaddy. The official GoDaddy page will take you to the login page directly, where you can enter by giving your GoDaddy email credentials.

Step 5: These login credentials will directly take you to your business website and give you access to your emails and related information.

Steps to access the GoDaddy email address using the desktop client:

Logging in using the desktop client is a bit complicated compared to other methods. To understand this process better, a few things need to be understood first.

IMAP is called Internet Message Access Protocol. This feature is used when a person wants to retrieve email or emails.

POP is called the Post Office Protocol. Many people need help when they have to enter their credentials again and again, to log in. For example, while using the GoDaddy email address, you can use this feature to solve that issue and join the credentials only once.

The POP feature syncs all your emails onto your laptop and makes them accessible without logging in every single time into your GoDaddy account. All the emails are backed up and stored in your laptop’s email box.

This POP feature will help you access your emails faster than other methods, but to enable this option, a few steps must be followed. To allow the POP to feature, configure your email using the following steps:

Step 1: To enable the incoming email server settings of the POP feature in the, use port 110. Use this port to back up and sync all incoming emails in your GoDaddy email box.

Step 2: To enable the incoming email server settings of the IMAP feature in the, use port number 143. Use this port to enable the retrieving feature for all the incoming emails in your GoDaddy email box.

Step 3: To enable the outgoing email server settings for both POP and IMAP features in the, use port number 80. Use this port to enable all the outgoing emails to back up and retrieve attributes.

Steps to access the GoDaddy email address using the GoDaddy mobile app:

GoDaddy has launched its app for easy usage of the application. This app is friendly for Android and iPhone users, and both can install the app from their respective app downloading apps. Follow the below-mentioned steps to access your GoDaddy email address using the mobile app.

Step 1: Download the GoDaddy app from the App store or Play store with respect to your mobile type.

Step 2: Open the app on your mobile phone.

Step 3: Once you open the app, click on the Email Management option. This option will take you to a new window called the GoDaddy dashboard.

Step 4: Enter the details that are asked. These details consist of your email address and password. Ensure you do not save your password so your phone is protected from scams.

Step 5: After entering your details, click on log in to enter your account.


GoDaddy is very active in contemporary times and used by new entrepreneurs in high volume. This site is famous worldwide, and because of its broad reach, it has become the world’s largest service platform for entrepreneurs. Use the above-mentioned step-by-step guide to have an easy, quick, and stress-free login into your GoDaddy email account.