Hand Sanitizer Do’s And Don’ts

Hand Hygiene is one of the most crucial hygiene exercises and thus hand sanitizer has it’s importance. Apart from cleaning your hands, it also sanitizes your hand.

You can wash your hands with soap and water but for maximum cleaning and avoiding hazardous diseases you have to prefer a hand sanitizer. It is useful in areas like hospitals, schools, or any public places.

For keeping your hand clean, you need a sanitizer as it is the best alternative to soap and water. It kills germs up to 99.9 percent presented on your hands. Besides this, a hand sanitizer is highly essential during flu season. By using a sanitizer multiple time of the day, you can minimize the chances of getting diseases.

Benefits of Hand sanitizer

A hand sanitizer without alcohol enhances the surface of the skin on your hands. It also offers smoothness and better look with proper use. You can also feel the texture of your hand.

  • It is quite convenient to use and takes less time; you can also make this anywhere with you
  • A hand sanitizer is best for minimizing the risk of respiratory infections
  • The ingredients of a sanitizer are beneficial for preventing the dryness and hand irritation
  • 99.9 percent effective in cleaning germs compared to soaps.
  • A good sanitizer can minimize the bacterial count existing on your hands
  • It does not foster antimicrobial resistance
  • A sanitizer is less irritating as compared to soap and water
  • You can also expect better skin by using a sanitizer

When to Use a Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizer is the best wat to stay clean and healthy. Furthermore, you have to give more priority to clean hands. For a hygienic and healthy way of life, a sanitizer is quite essential. With a sanitizer, it needs very less time for handwashing and kills all those microorganisms effectively. A sanitizer comes in two variants such as alcohol and non-alcohol based. Kutol non-alcohol hand sanitizer is the best in the category of non-alcohol sanitizer.

Hence you should know when to use and how to use a sanitizer

  • Before and after eating your food
  • Before taking medicines and treating your wounds or visiting a hospital
  • After an extensive exercise
  • Soon after playing with your pets
  • Using a toilet
  • After coughing or sneezing
  • Once you finish cleaning your house or gardening

Apart from all these, keep remembering that a sanitizer is really helpful for your children. Hence, it is advised for your children to use a sanitizer most of the time as they are more prone to germs and bacteria. Ask them to make a practice of cleaning their hands with a sanitizer properly. You can take advantage of Kutol non-alcohol hand sanitizer which is an alcohol free sanitizer and quite effective for children.

Hand Sanitizer Do’s

  • Use a sanitizer on your dry hands only and take enough of it every time.
  • Clean your hand thoroughly and then only apply an effective sanitizer
  • After using on your palm start rubbing together for twenty-five seconds to make your hands dry. A thorough rubbing can loosen the dirt and germs off your hand, and you can remove them effortlessly
  • Apply the sanitizer between your fingers, on the back of your hands and up to the wrist for better cleaning. Always try to rub vigorously to get effective result.
  • Always wet your hands under running water you can use warm or cold water according to your preference
  • Always keep your hands and forearms below to your elbows so that the water cannot flow to the infected area.

Hand Sanitizer Don’ts

  • Do not even try to clean your hands with water after applying a sanitizer. Keep it on air to dry it. You can also dry your hands using a dryer.
  • After cleaning close the tap with a towel, so that you can get germs again through the water taps
  • Do not use hot water for cleaning your hands as hot water is not suitable for eliminating germs, and it is also prone to bacteria.
  • Always close the water faucet while applying the sanitizer, else it will wash away the soap, and you cannot get the effectiveness
  • Every time stay away from the sink while applying sanitizer as it is prone to germs and microbes
  • Do not use a sanitizer on your dry hands

Wrapping Up

Handwashing with a sanitizer is a secure medium, and it doesn’t take much time. Still, it offers a significant hand in preventing illness and eliminating germs. Hence adopting a daily routine can play a vital in protecting your health.

Hope this content on hand sanitizer and its practices can offer you a good insight for using it effectively.

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