Here’s How Call Centers Can Reduce Average Handle Time

Reducing Average Handling Time

As a call center, handling customer calls promptly and efficiently is paramount. Therefore, one key performance indicator for call centers is the average handle time (AHT). The average handle time is the amount of time an agent spends on a call from start to finish, including call hold time and after-call work.

Reducing average handle time improves the overall customer experience and can lead to increased agent productivity and reduced operational costs. Here are the top ways call centers can reduce average handle time and improve overall performance.

Dynamic Scripts

Call center scripts are essential for agents to provide consistent and accurate information to callers. However, static scripts can be limiting, causing agents to spend more time on calls. Introducing dynamic scripts can help agents better navigate calls and reduce average handle time.

Dynamic scripts are customized based on the customer’s needs and can be updated in real-time as the conversation progresses. With busy hands, agents can quickly access frequently asked questions or responses, leading to call resolution faster and reduced average handle time.

Effective Training and Coaching

Effective agent training and coaching can significantly impact average handle time. By providing agents with the necessary skills and knowledge, they can handle calls more efficiently. In addition, regular coaching sessions help agents recognize areas where they can improve their call handling, such as tone and word choice, leading to better call experiences and reduced average handle time.

Efficient After-Call Work

After-call work (ACW) is the time agents spend completing tasks such as documenting calls or updating customer information. Efficient ACW processes can reduce average handle time by allowing agents to move quickly on to the next call. One way to streamline ACW is to invest in call center software with an automated system that documents customer information, allowing agents to focus on the next call without worrying about documentation.

Use Call Center Software

Investing in call center software can significantly impact average handle time. Call center software provides agents with essential tools, including automated call routing, customer information documentation, and analytics.

Automating these processes can improve agent productivity and reduce average handle time. Additionally, call center software can provide supervisors with real-time data and insights, allowing them to identify areas where agents may be struggling and provide targeted training or coaching.

Cut Down On Transfer Time

The more a customer is transferred from one agent to another, the longer their call will likely take, leading to increased average handle time. Call centers can reduce transfer time by implementing strategies such as skill-based routing, where calls are directed to agents with specific skill sets to minimize the need for transfers. Agents can also be trained to handle a broader range of issues, reducing the need for transfers and improving call resolution.

Reducing Average Handle Time at Call Centers is Possible: In Conclusion

Reducing average handle time should be a priority for any call center, as it impacts both customer experience and operational costs. By implementing dynamic scripts, practical training and coaching, efficient ACW processes, call center software, and reduced transfer time, call centers can significantly reduce average handle time and improve performance.

Call centers must be adaptable to changing customer needs to provide exceptional customer experiences while reducing average handle time at the same time. Call centers can drive success and increase customer loyalty by utilizing technology and providing agents with the necessary skills and tools.

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