How to access the Deep Web Safely?

Deep web is one term that is always misunderstood by everyone on the internet. People often mistake Deep Web as the part of the internet where people anonymously conspire to take down Governments and plan attacks on other people.

Just like your surface web, deep web is simply a part of internet which is unindexed and hence, inaccessible by your web browsers. The surface web forms a very small part of the internet in comparison to the deep web.

The area of the web which should be taken as the darker side of the internet is the Dark Web. This is a part of the deep web and this is the area where all the criminal activities take place. But this is an altogether different discussion.

What actually is Deep Web?

The only difference between the deep web that you cannot access and the surface web that you can do is that Deep web is not indexed by search engines. Usually search engines do not index private information. So when we say that deep web is full of unindexed content, it means that you can find a number of databases, bank details, some less confidential government files, employee and users records. Search engines do not index these files so as to ensure that these files don’t reach a wide audience.

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Another big misconception about the deep web among people is that you need Tor browser and network to access the Deep web. This is not true at all. As seen above, the unindexed content available on the Deep web can be accessed by the regular web browsers as well. The websites that end with “.onion” extension require the Tor browser to be able to access the internet.

What things will you come across on the Deep Web?

Before proceeding on how to find the Deep Web and ways to access it, let’s just get a brief overview of what to expect from the Deep web.

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The Dark web is a part of the deep web that means, all and everything available on the dark web is a part of the deep web. This includes all the criminal activities including hiring of assassins and killers, weapons trading and more. Besides, you can find other smaller crimes such as trading of credit card and bank details of people. Otherwise, you can find a number of “Whistle blowing sites” on the Deep Web. This sites help to expose the truth about corrupt powerful people.

How to access Deep web safely?

Since deep web is a very unpredictable part of the web, it is always better to be prepared for all circumstances than being sorry at a later stage. While you don’t need Tor Browser to access few websites on the deep web, it is still advisable to use the Tor to protect your identity.

Also, using a VPN service in addition to the Tor browser can help make it difficult for anyone to track you down. To download and use Tor Browser, follow these steps mentioned below:

  • Download the Tor Browser from official Website: Tor Browser is available as a free download across a number of websites on the internet. However, it is advisable to download the browser from the official website. Just select your preferred language and your system requirements to download the bundle to your device.
  • Extract the Tor Bundle: Once downloaded, extract the files to your device. You can also choose to extract the files to a USB drive since you don’t need to install the Tor on your device to run.
  • Download and install VPN: For added protection, install a good quality VPN service as well. This is help to protect your original IP address by providing you with a random IP Address.
  • Connecting to the Tor Network: Double click on the .exe file in the extracted files to run the Tor Browser. The Browser will automatically try to connect to the Tor network and once the connection is fully established, you will be able to surf the internet anonymously and privately.

Before you go on exploring the deep web, keep these points in mind.

  1. Unplug your microphone and cover your laptop camera before accessing the deep web. Anyone tracking you can make use of these devices to get information about you.
  2. Do not switch on JavaScript while on Deep web as they can leak your location.
  3. Always run your VPN service before connecting to the Tor Network.
  4. Only access verified websites on the deep web. You can search for them on hidden wiki directories.
The Bottom Line

Too much of a curiosity can be a sin and you definitely need to exercise caution while you are accessing the Deep web. Visiting or surfing dodgy websites can land you in trouble. While Deep web is safe and legal to use, you never know what you will encounter on the deep web.

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