How to analyze and monitor social networks to improve your brand

social networks

The monitoring of social networks allows us to know if a company’s marketing plan is meeting the strategic objectives set in quantitative and qualitative terms.In addition, it offers the possibility of carrying out a sentiment analysis in the different digital profiles of the company.Thus, it is possible to detect the opinion of users about the brand and the competition, detect business opportunities and redefine digital campaigns.


Currently, any company that wants to have a digital image should value the creation of profiles on social networks to spread their messages. However, having a presence on the internet is of little use if the publications that are made are not monitored, nor are the impressions and interactions that are achieved on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn analyzed.

Thanks to monitoring on social networks, the company can know if it has obtained the expected reach with a campaign or if the impact of the content has been positive or negative for the audience. Social Media analyzes also allow us to check if we are meeting expectations, redirect strategies and even manage crisis communication on time.

Another interesting metric that should be taken into account is engagement, with which the company can identify which content has had the greatest impact on the network and if there have been changes in consumer behavior. Likewise, the business can know how many online sales it has made through its social networks.


Currently, each social network has its own specific statistics section, where very useful information can be extracted about the type of content that has been liked the most, the evolution over time of indicators such as the number of likes and reach, as well as the comparison of the results obtained organically and paid.

How do you know if you have chosen your digital strategy well?

In the digital age, companies must prepare reports on their social networks, but it is also essential to carry out web analysis to detect possible improvements in the portals. It is advisable to pay attention to on-page and off-page SEO aspects so that navigation is intuitive and the user experience is adequate.

Here are some of the metrics to calculate the impact on social networks:

  • Impressions: number of times a post is displayed on your followers’ wall.
  • Interactions: number of likes, comments and shares.
  • The profile of our followers: demographic data such as gender and age and interests.
  • The percentage of the company’s website traffic that comes from social networks.

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