How To Drive Video Marketing In Tandem With Your Brand

In this epoch of the digital age, everybody who is anybody has a collection of video content to their credit. Brands especially have resorted to using various social media platforms to promote their video content in order to drive engagement, gain brand visibility, and increase reach.

When you encounter such a plethora of information and an audience that is ever hungry for videos, covering every aspect of our day-to-day home and work-life, it becomes hard for a brand to stand out.

But the silver lining to this scenario is the fact that creating, curating, editing, and producing video content has become easier than ever before. You now have access to a wealth of resources at your fingertips, not to mention amazing, easy to use video editing software to guide you through your video marketing journey.

Several video influencers have admitted to just using their phones when they first started creating and sharing video content. With little to no editing and camera skills, they’ve been able to reach tons of people globally.

In this article, we will endeavor to discuss just how you can stand out, get your target audience to notice you all the while keeping true to your brand identity.

Choosing the Right Colors

Color has always played an important role in television and film since time immemorial. Take, for instance, the color palette in the comedy-drama film, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel directed by Wes Anderson.

The color scheme constantly changed as the narrative and plot progressed. The hues in the scenes varied between imperial shades of gold and red, pastel colors such as soft pinks and purples, cold grays and blues, and sunny chrome and brown.

Such a rich and diverse color scheme made for breathtaking entertainment. Moviegoers would not stop talking about Wes Anderson’s treatment of the film. Employing color schemes in your video marketing, therefore, is sure to grab eyeballs and leave your audience engaged and entertained.

Stories are What Drive Engagement

Although brand visibility and driving sales are the main focus of video marketing campaigns, it doesn’t necessarily follow that, that’s what your video content should be all about. You can also promote your brand in such a way that it doesn’t hinder the creativity and quality of your video.

You can do this by creating value to the user by employing storytelling to get your message across in a unique manner. Through storytelling, you will be able to connect with the viewer, thereby allowing you to understand what your brand is all about and what it can do for them.

It’s the First Few Seconds That Count

Recent studies indicate that the average attention span of users is about 8.5 seconds. So, if you want to share something with your customers, it is incumbent that you pique their interest in the first few seconds of your video itself. Or you stand to lose them to yet another post on their feed.

Make sure you tell your viewers what your video is all about in a matter of seconds instead of showing an extended or vague introduction. Allow them to feel like it is something that is worth their time and that it would be a brand-new and learning experience.

Creating a hook (a quick preview of what is to come) and an interesting thumbnail (that forms the first impression from the user’s end) is sure to aid you in your video marketing efforts.

Engage Your Facebook Audience

Facebook Ads is the gift that keeps on giving. The social media platform is known for its elusive algorithm and sophisticated marketing tools. With Facebook’s in-depth targeting features, there is much you can do to increase the reach and engagement of your videos.

The targeting is so detailed and exhaustive, that you can promote every single one of your videos to a specific audience (set by you). Facebook ads segment your audience on the following basis:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Languages
  • Interests

Don’t Forget Your CTA

While you’re in the process of creating videos, make sure you have a Call To Action (CTA) somewhere within it. Bear in mind that a CTA doesn’t always mean that customers have to purchase or sign up for something. Video CTAs consist of the following:

  1. Subscribing to your channel
  2. Follow and like your social media channels
  3. Share with your family, friends, and acquaintances
  4. Leave a comment on the video
  5. Check out your other content

You might be thinking to yourself, ‘but where do I place my CTAs? It’s quite simple. There are 3 positions where you’re likely to get maximum attention. They are:

  1. At the beginning of the video – Placing your CTA here would ensure that everyone watching receives the message.
  2. Smack in the middle – When you know for sure that your viewer is engaged and interested in what is to follow, place your CTA here.
  3. Towards the end – Make sure you’ve said and done everything you have to, except for the concluding points (because this is when your viewer is highly interested in how things are going to end) and then place the Call To Action.

According to a recent study, about 95% of marketers choose to place their CTA towards the end of the video.

Your Videos Need to Be Optimized For Search

Imagine you’ve done everything you possibly can do to drive your video marketing efforts. This would all come to nought if you haven’t optimized your video content for search. Why?

Simply because without this growing trend, your video will never appear in all the right places.

About 3.5 billion searches occur on Google every single day. YouTube has about 3 billion searches on a day-to-day basis. This means that, if your video isn’t showing up as part of these search results, you’re doing something wrong.

Using keywords in your title and adding a relevant description to your video is sure to aid you in your search optimization efforts.

To Wrap up

There are tons of tools to aid you in your video creation, editing, and production attempts. But what would really help you in your video marketing is a thorough understanding of your resources and the tools available to you.

Besides all this, you would also need to be aware of what your brand represents and how this can serve your target audience and potential customers. Creating and promoting videos will then be a cakewalk. And this is what will set you apart from your competitors.

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