How to find your first job

first job

Have you finished your studies, or are you in it, and are you thinking about how to face the search for your first job?You are in the right place.Here we tell you what are the keys to enter the world of work.

Finding a job, whether for the first time or not, always raises concerns. Questions such as: what company will I be able to work for?, what could my tasks be?, will I have responsibility?, are some of the doubts that go through our heads when we are in the process of actively searching for a job, especially if we have never worked before.

The first thing you should ask yourself is what you would like to do, in what you would like to work within the sector for which you have prepared yourself academically. Once you have the answer to that question, you must prepare alist of possible companiesin which to do that job.

Next, you must prepare acurriculum vitae(CV), which summarizes and synthesizes both your personal data (name, email and telephone) as well as your academic data and your professional experience. Do not worry if you have not worked before, over time you will be able to add fields in the work section.

It is important that the resume is updated and adapted to the job for which you want to apply. It is of little use if you indicate in your CV that you have an advanced course in natural photography, if the position for which you want to apply is an industrial robotics and home automation technician.

Now it’s time to start knocking on the doors of the companies where you would like to work and where you think you could fit in and add value. You must move your resume as much as you can to achieve results. You can send it directly to companies through the “work with us” sections that they usually have on their websites or through platforms such asLinkedInorInfoJobs. In both options you can find offers that companies have published requesting staff for a specific position, or you can send your spontaneous application. It is recommended that you search every day so that you do not miss a possible offer for which you may be suitable.

Another alternative for them to get to know you is to participate injob fairs, which are events in which different companies from one or more sectors look for new workers.

Go ahead and get to work. Soon you will be able to find your first job and fill in the “work experience” field on your resume. Who knows, maybe this first job will open the doors to new professional opportunities.

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