How to Get Free Backlinks for Your Website?

How to Get Free Backlinks for a Website

It is important to know how backlinks can improve the progress of a website before you get into the methods that can be used to acquire them. Backlinks improve the reputation of new websites in particular. When a website has been launched, people do not develop the required level of trust on immediate basis. A lot of time is needed for this purpose. New websites have to compete with other well established domains. These established websites do not have any scarcity of traffic, conversions or business revenues. However, if a new website connects with these established websites, the journey becomes a lot easier. There are a number of methods that can be used to get free backlinks for a website.

Let us go through strong productive methods to get free backlinks. These methods work better than other alternatives.

  1. Connecting with Industry Publications for Backlinks

Credibility is an important factor when you are going through written posts. For instance, if a new author has written a post, people would be less likely to trust on the content. On the other hand, if a post has been written by an already established author, it would not be that hard to win the trust of people. In a nutshell, if you are getting a backlink from a credible publication organization of your industry, it would have immense value. This is one of the best ways to acquire high standard backlinks.

  • The process to acquire backlinks from a credible publication body is simple. You simply need to get in touch with them and convince them to prepare a post related to your brand. This post would obviously have a link to your website.
  • This option is not as easy as it seems and quality is a key component in this relation. A quality publication brand would not write a post for any brand randomly. The reputation of your brand would matter a lot. A reputed online new gazette or publication brand would check the reputation of your company before writing a post along with the backlink. In a nutshell, the standing of your brand would matter a lot.
  1. Guest Post Submission is a Strong Method

Backlinks is a strong method to establish connections with stake holders of the same industry that are better than you. Consider an example to gain more understanding. If you are launching a new brand of leather wallets, you would face a tough competition with brands which are already a part of the industry. It is obvious that people would not stop considering those brands and consider you to buy products. This option would certainly not work. To get customers, you would have to build a reputation. People would start visiting your website when your brand gets popular.

  • A guest post submission requires you to submit a post on a reputed website of the same product domain. If you consider the example of launching a brand of leather wallets, you would submit a guest post on the website of a reputed leather wallets brand that has been operating for a long time.
  • Back linking through guest post submission is all about meeting certain quality requirements. For instance, the post you would write for another website should meet the defined requirements. Some websites have a word limit for guest post submission. If a post has a higher word count that the maximum permissible count, it would be rejected. When you preparing guests posts, all such points should be properly checked.
  • A guest post should not comprise of copied content because in this way, the reader would not have anything new to read. Through blog posts, readers look out for fresh content. In other words, they prefer information which they have not read before. Plagiarized content is rejected immediately. Other than that, if you submit copied content, the required website would not allow you to submit a blog post again. In other words, you would not be able to create a connection with the website again.

The role of a Backlink Generator

How can you determine the best back links for your website? This is not a hard task if you are using the correct tool to do the job. A quality backlink generator provides you with the following plus points.

  • First of all, Prepostseo backlink generator work online and users do not have to install any applications. Most of the times, users have to install several files to use a tool. In case of a Prepostseo backlink maker, there is no such requirement. Does a backlink generator by have a complicated user interface? The answer to this question is no. Prepostseo free Backlink creator has a simple interface. Once you present the link of your website, all possible options for backlinks would be shown to you.


If you have quality backlinks, your website would generate good business results even it has been recently launched. A website produces the best results in terms of conversions if its rank is high. People do not bother looking at websites not ranked on the first page. Thus, for any website owner, the biggest priority is getting a good SEO rank. If you have a high SEO rank, getting traffic and conversions would not be a problem for you.

Guest post submission is one of the best ways to get quality backlinks. To use this option, you have to submit a guest post on another website with the link to your home page. When people would visit the website with an already built reputation and go through the blog post, they would visit your web page as well. In an overall manner, guest post submission is an amazing way to construct the best backlinks.

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