How to make money online (from easiest to most difficult)

make money online

We could start this class by telling you that you will be your own boss (or boss) and that all your dreams will come true.That you won’t have to work, like all your friends and acquaintances, and that we have the most suitable formula for you to hit it on the Internet and make a fortune.Maybe you are going through a situation of need and you need income NOW but we have not come here to sell you the motorcycle or solve your personal situation, but to teach you the truth of earning money online.Because in this channel we are teachers, not gurus.

Well, to make money online you need traffic. That is, you need users to reach your project.

We have seen countless videos that focus on the ultimate goal: Earn money with Amazon Affiliates, Google Adsense, selling products or services, etc. But very few videos talk about the effort involved in achieving this goal. In fact, our students always ask about conversions because they don’t understand that the first step is to get acquisition. That is, get other users to reach our website, app, social channel or whatever we are going to do. And if you don’t know what we’re talking about, you can watch the first video of this channel:

So we are going to present you 6 ways to earn money online and we are going to go from the easiest to the most difficult, that is, from the one that needs less traffic to more traffic. And not only that, but we are going to explain the best tools to achieve your traffic goals. In this way you can decide for yourself which method you want to bet on, knowing in advance how much effort it will take.

Stay until the end of the video because I am sure there will be many moves that you do not expect and that will make you reflect and, of course, learn to have criteria and be more critical of the content related to this video that you can find out there! !

Search for work online (if possible remotely)

Nerd! Nothing to leave the video and go elsewhere. Maybe you are thinking…Noah, what I want is to earn money online so I don’t have bosses or go to the office.And I tell you: Ok, that’s a very nice dream but you can start by looking for a remote job and even if you have bosses, at least you won’t have to go to the office.

Due to the pandemic, there are many companies that have realized that… Oh crap! You don’t need offices to work: You can work online.

Looking for a job online is the easiest way to earn money online since you need the least amount of traffic. If you get just one remote job, you can survive from home, in your pajamas and with your cats, which everyone knows is the key to a full and happy life.

How can you get this? Well, for example, improving your LinkedIn profile to the fullest and applying for jobs from this social network. We explain how to do it in this linkedin class that we took last year. In addition, when looking for jobs you can specify what you want to do remotely and even activate alarms to find out when they leave.

Obviously, you must have an adequate professional profile to work remotely, get an adequate network of contacts, publish constantly and apply to offers from LinkedIn itself or from other platforms. The traffic is not going to come alone, by infused science!

Work in digital marketing, for example, can be done perfectly online, so it can be a suitable profession if you want to apply for this type of job. Of course, you cannot be SEOs, web designers or Community Managers overnight. If you want to train, remember that you have these courses available for free on our YouTube channel, we leave you the complete playlist.

Sell ​​services online

The next way to make money online is to sell services. But of course, it is no longer that you have to attract traffic to your LinkedIn profile, which is relatively simple, but you are going to have to put your batteries and bet on other strategies that require more effort.

Which? Well, there are a lot of websites that sell services likeDribbble,Fiverr,FreelancerandUpwork. It’s an easy way to get started, but having to use an external platform doesn’t quite convince us. In the end, sometimes excessively competitive networks are created and it ends up being a kind of market of “let’s see who has it cheaper”. We have come to see SEO services for €4.47. What SEO are you going to do for that money? None.

It seems to us that freelancer work is a bit precarious and we don’t like it at all, since the traffic that you can get on this type of platform sometimes does not have enough quality: They expect hard at 4 pesetas. And there are services that it is impossible to standardize. Like SEO, for example. But hey, you can always try to see how it goes.

But there is another solution SEO itself! The wonderful world of positioning your website in Google for keywords related to your services. We have been selling our services and those of other companies over the Internet for many years. Making an SEO website in WordPress is a relatively simple task (although it requires time and effort). Supported with Community Management strategies, it can constantly bring clients, which means that you can live from it constantly. Watch out for the parrot! You are not going to have bosses but you will have clients, and I don’t know what is worse.

In any case, we always recommend our students to have a blog and some social networks, either to develop their personal brand or their own brand. The reason? We are millennials, that magnificent generation that ate the 2008 crisis and the most absolute precariousness. The jobs we have opted for are not exactly forever and staying afloat has cost us a lot of effort. Having a well-positioned project and a good network of contacts has helped us to get better jobs as salaried employees as well as interesting projects as freelancers and not having to emigrate to other countries where we can find better job opportunities.

So the sale of services over the Internet are all advantages and we are going to make a fortune?

Well no. This already depends on your expertise as entrepreneurs and the value of the services you sell. A freelance programmer earns more than a copywriter, for example. Another of the disadvantages of the sale of services is that to scale you will have to subcontract. If the price is your competitive advantage, you may not find a professional who does it as well as you.

Do you want to know more? Then continue with the next section.

Sell ​​products or create an e-commerce project

Surely you have already noticed, but there are many Influencers who have gone from doing sponsorships and affiliate marketing to selling products.

There are examples for all tastes, but surely the most paradigmatic is that of the Kardashians, who have launched their own series, books, brands and online stores such as Kylie Cosmetics, SKIMS or Kendall and Kylie. Another example is the case of the Spanish YouTuber Jaime Altozano, who went from monetizing through Patreon and sponsorships to also taking out 2 online piano courses. And in the world of Digital Marketing we have the self-proclaimed “King of SEO” Romuald Fons, who in addition to having his agency (where he sells services) has an SEO course and another on YouTube.

As you can see, many influencers choose to sell products (physical or online) or create their e-commerce project. It is true that it is usually easier to scale the sale of products than of services, but it is also true that raising the sales of an e-commerce project is tremendously complicated. They can do it because they have a community behind it (and that brings them enough traffic) but to do it you are going to have to invest a lot of hours and possibly good money too.

You can not imagine the number of people who call us to ask us for a quote to make their online store. We have lost count. In general what we find is that they have had the great idea of ​​selling products online, which is great, but they have no idea how to sell them or the amount of effort that goes into it. And believe me, it’s a lot.

Better to take away the desire of a person who is perhaps in a situation of need and is going to leave his savings and his mental health in a dream that the same thing is totally impossible, right?

Why do I get so melodramatic? Well, because to start selling products online we need a lot of traffic. And as we said at the beginning of the class, this is actually the complicated part! This would be the summary of everything we have to learn / do:

  1. Start by thinking about traffic. This can come from the following places: Social Networks (such as YouTube), SEO, Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns, etc. Normally, it is essential to have a business plan or a digital marketing plan to help you plan the initial acquisition of users.
  2. If you see that you don’t have a budget for content or campaigns, make a WordPress blog, install Rank Math and start writing. It is better that you have recurring visits and a good community before you start selling products.
  3. Do you already know where you are going to get customers? Perfect, now you just have to:
    1. Make a list of products assigning 1 keyword to each one.
    2. Make the contents for each product: Descriptions, photo sessions, videos, measurements and other characteristics to “fill out” your e-commerce. It is better that you upload a few products well than many badly.
    3. Are they physical products? You will have to organize all the logistics and stock.
    4. Think about the payment methods. Paypal, bank card, transfer, check, carrier pigeon?
    5. Talk to a lawyer, an agent or both to draft your purchase conditions and shipping conditions. Also think about how you are going to manage complaints and claims.
  4. Now yes! You can now mount the platform. Do not forget to check all the emails or communications with your future clients and install all the web measurement tools to control SEO, visits from social networks, on and off campaigns and much more.

Do you realize the drama that is an online store?

So think very well if you want to invest all those euros and all that effort before you start. And, above all, educate yourself. Let you know that in 2 weeks we will start with the online store course on our YouTube channel. You might be interestedin subscribing and hitting the bellon our YouTube channel to find out what’s going on.

Advertising and sponsors

You will probably have noticed that when you enter this video and while you have been watching it, an ad will appear. It is advertising from Adsense, a network that we have “hooked” on this channel. What YouTube does is that it puts ads on our videos and we get money.

No, don’t get excited. You will see that many YouTubers explain to you that Adsense does not compensate for the work involved in creating videos and growing channels. However, Adsense can also be used on web pages and there are other advertising networks. But again, you will need a lot of traffic to be able to live from Internet advertising.

As we are writing these lines, Adsense gives us approximately €120 each month for about 20,000 views. Our channel has a theme that pays more, because it is related to Digital Marketing. A gaming channel, for example, will receive much less income than ours.

Why’s that?
Because Google Ads (which is where advertisers create YouTube ads) is an auction system. Companies that sell Digital Marketing products and services are willing to pay more money than video game companies to put ads. In other words, the theme of your website or YouTube channel can greatly determine the price that advertisers are willing to pay for your project.

Another way to get advertising revenue if you have a blog is to get paid for links, within a linkbuilding strategy. To do this, you will need to improve your SEO and keyword positions. However, getting advertisers to pay you without going through an intermediary (such as Google Adsense) may bring you more money. This concept is already somewhat more complex, we explain it in thelinkbuilding class, within theSEO course incase you want to take a look at it.

Then there are the famous sponsorships. When you have already made a name for yourself in a certain sector and other companies want to take advantage of the traffic you generate with your community or with your websites, that is when they usually hire you for a sponsorship. If you want to sponsor us, call us, we’re very cool and we don’t have any at the moment.

Again, as you can see, you will need a lot of traffic that you will be referring to other products and services that will not be yours, but let’s continue with the affiliate programs because everything has a lot to do with it.

Affiliate programs

We have found many gurus and influencers who promote this type of strategy to earn money online, but it seems extremely complicated to us, precisely because a large traffic is required to make a significant sum of money. Of course, it is true that you no longer have bosses since your “bosses” will now be the affiliate programs that in 2021 there are all kinds.

The main disadvantage of this method compared to the first 3 that we have explained in this class is that the traffic you get with your digital marketing projects is diluted. That is, users have to go through several websites to make a conversion, staying along the way. On the other hand, the price per conversion is also much lower, since you are not going to get the full price of the conversion, but a percentage of it. If you find a permanent job that can give you thousands of euros per year, an affiliate sale is at most tens. Of course, there are affiliate programs where they will pay you monthly if you manage to sell subscriptions.

It is true that there is everything in this life and that there are professionals who have earned a very good living with this method, but how many will have fallen by the wayside? The process to get a monthly income from affiliates is usually to create many websites or communities on social networks, test, position and it can take months or even years.

It is for these reasons that for us advertising, sponsors and affiliate programs are monetization strategies to try when you have solved the big traffic problem.

Speculative moves that look bad

I don’t know if it has happened to you, but our YouTube is full of trading ads, bitcoins andI don’t know how manymore speculative moves. And maybe you think… That’s another way to earn money online. I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried any of them. Why? Well, precisely because they are speculative moves.

From one decade to another we may forget, but, at least in Spain, there have been many speculative moves for people who wanted to invest their savings in “great opportunities”. And then we saw scandals likeNueva Rumasa,Fórum Filatélico, thepreferentialones and a very long etcetera. Surely if you are in Latin America you remember similar cases in your countries.

Normally it is about selling some type of product (nobody knows how it works very well) to people with little financial training, preferably workers who end up investing their savings.

I’m not going to say that being atraderor investing inbitcoinsis the same thing because I don’t have a crystal ball and maybe if you do it you’ll make a fortune. Everything can work out. However, if you have little knowledge about finances and little money, be very careful. Invest only the money you are willing to lose and get as much education as you can. And, of course, do not trust ANYTHING you see on the Internet. Always check your sources, where the information comes from and if what they are telling you is true or not. Also beware of pyramid schemes or multi-level marketing companies!
Also remember that people who have a lot of money play with an advantage and those who have little usually have everything to lose. For example, if you are Elon Musk, you will surely make a fortune with Bitcoins, you just have to pull your millions of followers andtweet in favor of Dogecoin to cause changes in its price. For those of you who don’t know what Dogecoin is, it is a bitcoin that was born as a meme but has become famous.

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