How to make your argumentative essay more attractive?

How to make your argumentative essay more attractive?

How to Write an Argumentative Essay Step by Step

What is an argumentative essay? An argumentative essay is one of the types of essay writing where a writer argues either for or against any issue. For example, the topic you are given says “the marks you score in your class examination does not show your talent”. If you had to write an argumentative essay on this topic, you would either argue against this or speak for it. Let’s say you are going to talk for this topic. How do you justify your opinion?

In my college days, I always asking others to write essay for me because I always rely on others but now, I recommend you to do this task by yourself. One of the very first ways for you to defend your position is knowing your topic well. You have to sit down in a calm place with your laptop open. Think and research ways to defend your opinion, then write your points down. Initially make a rough draft. Note all the things you think you would to say. Rough draft includes anything that comes to your mind when you think of your topic.

In the beginning of writing an academic essay keep noting down whatever comes on your head. Note them in a rough draft. There is a literary term for jotting points down before doing a proper research. It is called brainstorming. For making an essay worth reading you require brainstorming. After you have brainstormed have a look on the points then eliminate the things that seem unnecessarily long and not related to your topic. After, do proper research.

Why is research an essential aspect while dealing with essay writings? According to professional essay writers opinion, every article needs to be backed up with some well-known scholars. Your essay needs credible sources to make people believe in your ideas and writings. How do you find credible articles? Any idea? Finding scholarly articles is only possible if you know the method of research. Obviously research is one of the very basic tools to pen down a worth reading essay. That is why my advice to you is to keep in mind the significance of research and learn the skills to it. Some of the credible sources to look for include, JSTOR, Google Scholar and many more.

To argue is to tell people why you think your point of view on a specific topic should matter. Arguing is also an ability to influence readers. You can only influence your readers when you are yourself influenced about your own opinion, and that you know every detail about your topic. You have to tell people why do you think they should take your side and not others?

An argumentative essay though tells one view on a specific topic but to make it one of the best arguments the writer must also know why he thinks the other point of view is debatable. To do this one does not only need to defend his own position, but also must have knowledge of the other side of the topic as well. . For example, if you argue grades do not measure talent you should also have enough knowledge of why other people value grades and what are the issues with it if any!

One must always remember how vital research is while writing an essay. Similarly, some persuasive essay topics demand thorough study. Persuading isn’t easy I tell you. Do you think turning “No” into “Yes” an easy thing? No it is not. You are telling someone to undo his decision. Do you think it is easy? You may wonder why it is hard. It is hard because you are to convince the other person to agree with you and stand by your side and you need to be logical, appeal to emotions. Argumentative skills comes with extensive studies. It is a trick, a skill one must learn through investing time and talent.

Who makes a good writer?

A good writer is someone who keeps the originality of her content, back it up with adequately citing other academic articles. Sometimes writing is just ones opinion about any specific topic. For example, if you are given a topic to pen down thoughts about the time in Stone Age. How would you think you can do it? It is just your thoughts on it. Always remember the fact that opinions cannot be wrong. Think about it, can point of view be wrong? No, if one asks your perspective on something you tell how you view it because it is asking your perception on it. Don’t bother much about opinions being right or wrong. That is why it is called an idea because it’s your perception on it and perceptions are different and can never be right or wrong, better or worst.

Learn skills, they are important. Mostly when it comes about writing, learning skills are very important. Apart from writing your opinion on something there are other kinds of writing called academic writing. Academic writing has a certain way of putting down your words. There are affirmed laws and specific rules you have to follow. If you want to be a good writer you should pay attention to citation methods, grammar, sentence structures

Remember that when you are investing in learning any skill, you are saving money in your account. After you learn one skill perfectly, it can be your source of income. For example, if you know writing an academic essay, you can write essays for those who are not good at it. It can bring you income.

Creative writing does not come just like that. You got to master the skills. Figure out what best interests you when it comes to writing. It could be your strong argumentative skills, you may be good at persuading someone. Persuasive essay is also a type of essay where with specific persuading skills a writer can get the attention of readers to his point of view. What do you think essay writing is all about? It is about skills and understanding your topic.

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