How to make your WordPress blog more attractive

The world of online web development had come a long way since the days when people had to make their website using HTML tags. Now days though, with the help of WordPress customization services as well as hiring WordPress developers, the job gets done much quicker and more comfortable.

In order to create a successful and beautiful website, one essential thing is that your website needs to look unique and eye-catching. Here are a few ways to make your website stand out.

1. Pick a good, readable font pairing:

When hiring a WordPress developer, you need to make it clear to them that you require fonts that are easy on the eyes. A lot of blogs out there use flashy fonts that are just not readable. Do not use tiny fonts that are too small to read. Picking a font size that is 12-16 px is a decent size for any blog post.

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WordPress customization services come with a vast array of tools, but a lot of the times remember that less is more. Picking the right font doesn’t just make the reading of your blog easy it also improves the aesthetics.

2. Use embedded content:

One of the coolest ways to make your blog more efficient and attractive is to integrate content on it. This is a more active crowd-puller than using screenshots of webpages.

For example, Twitter has this cool feature that permits you to embed tweets on your website. This means that people can read the tweet and also have the ability to retweet, share, like the embedded post.

3. Use high-quality images:

There’s nothing worse than going to a website to see that the writer has just copied all the pictures from google. If the reproduced images are of low quality, it destroys the experience even more.

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When it comes to blog posts, there are few things out there that can destroy a top quality blog. Copied and blurry pictures are one of them. Please speak to your hired WordPress developer and make them understand that you are looking for good, crisp images that go with the theme of your blog.

4. Make your content readable:

When writing content for your blog, make sure to use simple language that is easy to follow. Using flashy words that no one can understand the meaning of is not a great way to get new followers.

Remember that in this internet age people don’t have the most significant attention span. Therefore, the best way to gather new followers is to write in a relatable manner, using words that we use daily.

5. Do not forget about SEO:

Search Engine Optimization is the most effective way to make a blog more accessible. SEO consists of multiple strategies which have the end goal of improving your website’s position in search engine. SEO puts your website on the search engine ‘map’.

Why is SEO important? This is because SEO attracts the right kinds of people to your blog. If you’re using a WordPress customization service or if you are hiring a WordPress developer, make sure to let them know that SEO is your top priority.

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6. Remove the clutter:

WordPress customization services come with a lot of add ons, tools and widgets that they say will be useful to you. Although each of them might serve their own purpose, they can be cumbersome on your site and may make your blog laggy and slow to load.

Pick only the features that are important to your blog. When it comes to baggy add ons remember that less is more.

7. Pick a theme and make it your own:

One of the coolest features of websites like WordPress is that they come with a host of ready to use themes. Take some time to see what themes suit your needs. If you’ve hired a WordPress developer, speak to them about your vision for the site and ask them for their opinion.

Most importantly pick a theme that doesn’t ‘over bedazzle’ your site. Minimalist themes are the ones which are trending right now. But even a simple SEO optimized theme will suit your needs.

8. Do not sell out your blog:

Do you know what’s worse than a slow loading website? What is worse than a blog that is cluttered with widgets? What could possibly be worse than a site with a weak colour theme and an un-readable font?

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If you guessed it congrats, a site that is overloaded with ads.

We get it. Ads are essential to make your blog a successful money maker. However, if your blog has overloaded this content, then the essence it’s the essence itself. It is lost. People will get distracted with the countless gifs and pop-ups that they will lose the faith they have in your blog. All your hard work will see your blog slowly drop in popularity all because people will think you sold out.

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