How to position content on Google? Case study

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The content that positions in an excellent way,is that content that responds to the user’s concern in a simple and precise way, in this article I will give you some tips based on a client case study that was positioned in the first search results with longtail content and well optimized.

Change of CMS (Content Manager)

To start the client’s website was initially in Wix, as everyone knows Wix is ​​not very friendly to do SEO, and not because it is bad, no, it is not that, simply that since you do not have full access to the server you cannot do a good configuration of files and in terms of server so the first thing we did was move to WordPress.

WordPress gives us the versatility that a project needs to position, and the fact that it is Open Source gives us an advantage to be able to modify it and adapt it to our project.

Optimize all content on the web.

After that, I optimized the entire website making sure that all the content on the page was correct and that the word count was above 1200, I recommend it because there are many SEO case studies of which I am a fan like this one from Brian Dean who says what are the most important factors in SEO , but it also depends a lot on the niche, I have had the opportunity to position myself in complex niches with less than 500 words, but I recommend that your content is the one that I am placing here.

Content Marketing Plan

Once we finished the website, we began our content marketing plan, which included 4 blog posts per month, based on low-difficulty industry keywords. You have to do a keyword analysis to give you an idea of ​​what people are looking for in Google, I leave you some free tools that can help you:

  • Answer the public
  • Ubersuggest
  • Keyword Generator
  • Google Keyword Planner

These will give you a better idea of ​​how or what your potential customer is looking for on the internet.

Once we started to see great results, the client decided to increase to 12 blog posts per month, each blog post has internal links and high quality photos with alt text based on the keyword.

Key to success

The key to all of our success has been the quality of the content, my client had been in this industry for 20 years and knows the tricks of the trade that he cannot find by researching, so if you are one of the professionals who is still afraid to share his knowledge, remember that many may try to copy you, but each methodology, implementation is different, in the end it is like giving a recipe, but you do not know at what time, you are going to put the next ingredient in your soup, so do not be afraid , share and start generating high-quality content. It’s unlikely that a Fiverr hired writer will be able to deliver content that offers such value. I tell them that the results will be better if the content is based on your first-hand knowledge.

  • High-quality content (preferably first-hand knowledge from an expert in the niche).
  • SEO best practices, leave no stone unturned (titles, alt text, word count, meta descriptions)

We did this with almost no backlinks.

Our domain authority also went from 8 to 28 during this time🎉

If you are interested in me helping you with the generation of an SEO strategy for your company or business.

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