The importance of SEO during the pandemic

importance of SEO

The current situation (2021) that we are experiencing is transforming many sectors of our economy. Many businesses are facing potential closures and reduced expenses

Whether it’s a pandemic or anything else that causes an economic downturn, marketing remains an essential part of any successful brand or business. However, marketing budgets, including SEO, are often subject to the first cuts as company’s battle closures and budget cuts. Unfortunately, because there is so much going on behind the scenes, SEO is often very “easy” to cut.

Since SEO is usually a large part of your marketing budget, there is a risk when a company decides to trim the “fat.”

Looking at past recessions and the historic Great Recession, changes in advertising and marketing spending can significantly improve or impede a brand’s success during and after a recession. In almost all cases, companies that continued or improved their marketing efforts saw their sales increase.

Why SEO should be maintained?

Think of marketing and seo marketing services as a career. Even if everyone starts in the same place, some brands will move faster and further depending on budget, advertising or talent, and any other tools they have at their disposal.

But if some businesses take a six-month pandemic hiatus, even the lowest-budget ones can keep going as long as they keep moving.

60% of large companies and 29% of medium-sized companies noticed a decrease in their marketing budgets during the 2008 crisis.

The importance of SEO during pandemics, recessions and crises

There’s a pandemic going on and we’re in a bit of a recession, but here I am trying to convince you that SEO is still super important. Let me do a quick recap: I mean, SEO is still super important, even in the face of economic instability.

Whether it’s a pandemic, a sharp drop in oil prices, or anything else that causes an economic downturn, marketing remains an essential part of any successful brand or business.

Large companies are more likely to reduce their marketing budgets during difficult times. This gives competitors and smaller businesses the opportunity to gain some distance if they maintain their marketing and SEO efforts.

Maintaining SEO is not just the short-term boost that you can see during a real recession. It also gives it the opportunity to gain a bigger foothold, the effects of which could continue long after the economy has stabilized and returned to normal.

From a more basic point of view, what are the main benefits of a successful SEO campaign in the first place?
Drive Traffic and Improve Sales
Brand and Reputation Management
Direct Marketing and Lead Generation

In the time of COVID-19, let’s look at how a pandemic can significantly change traffic and sales in many industries.

We have seen a significant decline in activity in retail, hospitality, travel and services, and an increase in online services such as food delivery, streaming platforms and e-commerce sites.

The significant shift towards online services demonstrates that, even in the midst of uncertainty, people continue to research, purchase and consider products and companies. Even if they don’t buy, they certainly remember what was or wasn’t there. Of course, availability can affect any business, but preferences still play an important role.

In general, there are a few main reasons why people leave one brand or service for another.
Bad experience with current product or service
Poor service or product (may have to do with price, quality, or support)
Disagreement on brand policy or direction
Best offer from another brand (better price, promotion, better value )

For example, maybe a customer noticed your ad, liked it, and tried your delivery service during the pandemic.
If they find your service more valuable than their previous options, they will remember it and be more likely to use it again, even after all their usual brands and products are available again.

Companies that maintain or double down on their SEO efforts. They ensure that your business remains well positioned in the SERPs.

The long-term benefits of consistent SEO

As people spend more and more time online, SEO needs to be improved to meet that demand and improve online presence amid a surge in consumer interest.
But don’t ignore the long-term benefits of SEO and marketing, even during a recession.

Companies that maintained advertising and marketing during the last crisis stayed ahead of the competition, so these companies not only made immediate profits, but also secured their position in the market after the crisis, and were able to win and maintain a significant advantage.

Create more than just sales. Brand growth and recognition.

SEO can push you to the top positions or at least the first page. This is a super important factor in brand recognition. You have to be there when customers need you.
Own your own website, a relevant domain, be active on blogs and social networks, essentially be there for a relevant and current audience for the business. Customers value presence.

People recognize the brands that offer their products and services and want to have a relationship with them. Customers who feel recognized for customer service are more favorable to the brand or company in question.

Why is it important in a pandemic?

Essentially, because you want to remain relevant.
To get noticed there are two main factors: being seen and being remembered.
Being seen is the first part of SEO. It is about enhancing your positioning, and if your competitors also stop appearing or lower their positions, only your website will be remembered and will transmit value to users.

SEO is the key to maintaining the consistency of your company

Not responding or disappearing during a crisis can cause current and potential customers to question your brand.
Especially in a competitive market, choosing to stop marketing can be detrimental to a company’s ranking and business potential, as other brands choose to continue marketing or have higher budgets for a faster recovery.
SEO factor.
Another way to reinforce your presence is to maintain a strong SEO campaign in the face of the recession. Keep running ads, keep working to improve your rankings, and keep producing content for your users.

Track how conditions affect your workflow and turn it into a case study, do whatever it takes to assure people that your business will survive and continue to provide value before, during and after difficult times.

You’ll gain a competitive advantage and the opportunity to get ahead of competitors who decide to stop advertising and SEO, while strengthening your brand through a consistent presence and message.
Even if your competitors advance during the economic downturn, you must maintain your SEO to keep pace.

It can win the game or keep your business afloat. The only negative option is to stop doing marketing and SEO completely.

Cheap SEO

SEO can be a cheap investment with a very high ROI (return on investment) in the long term.
Maintaining an SEO budget can make your project generate great benefits in sales in the medium term. At SEOTECH we offer very affordable SEO positioning plans for any project with which we guarantee incredible results.

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