10 Tips to INSTANTLY Improve Your Game in Apex Legends

Game in Apex Legends

Let’s be frank. If you want to improve at Battle Royale games, simply playing straight won’t help. You would always need some tips and tricks to become a better gamer.

Apex follows a more typical approach like hero shooters compared to other Battle Royale games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Fortnite. So, it can be difficult for some players to adjust, especially during those frantic shootouts.

So, after days of research, here you have 10 tips to INSTANTLY improve your game in Apex Legends.

1.Prioritize Your Armour

Surviving in the Apex game is a challenge. If you think you can stay in the game because you have plenty of medkits and powerful weapons, you might be wrong.

You can’t win a fight without armor. So, when you take down an enemy, you should first loot armor. If any enemy appears by then, you would have the armor to shield yourself.

2.Manage Your Inventory

Your inventory decides whether you are likely to win the game or not. Hence, you have to be innovative while managing inventory in Apex Legends.

You can stock your inventory with ammo, grenades, and arc stars. These weapons can put you on an advanced foot in the game. So, be smart and fill your inventory with the right equipment.

3.Get the Medkits

Medkits have a significant role in Battle Royale games. These kits are necessary to revive you from low energy or injuries.

Apex Legend Regens have a variety to present. First, there are syringe kits that heal 25 health. You can have a maximum of four syringes in your stock. Then there are Phoenix kits that can restore your total health. The shield battery is our personal favorite that restores 100% of shields.

4.Communication Matters!

Good communication is one of the most effective ways to improve your game in Apex Legends. You have to be extremely careful about every single movement in a battle royale game.

Having extra pairs of ears and eyes will only help in that. Even if you are a squad with average players, you can easily defeat pro gamers with poor teamwork in Apex Legends with good communication.

5.Reload Behind Covers

Reloading is a vital strategy to survive in Apex Legends. However, being unprotected can get you killed. So, while reloading, you should be extremely careful. If you see an enemy, make sure you clear that and take good cover.

Also, keep an open eye. You may even find an enemy reloading uncovered. It’s high time to take that opponent down. Thus, you can use these Apex tips and tricks in your favor.

6.Holster Your Weapon

Holstering your weapon may seem odd on the battlefield, but it can put you ahead in the game. Holding weapons while running may slow you down, especially when you try to take cover behind walls or something else.

Holstering your weapon while running will increase the pace and give you more advantage on the battlefield.

7.Set the Perfect Mouse Sensitivity

This Apex tip is a bit tricky. It depends on your personal preference. Apex lets you change both your sensitivity and mouse sensitivity while aiming in the game.

Sometimes people tend to follow their favorite streamer’s settings- which is not always a good idea. Keep the sensitivity to what you are comfortable with. Thus, you will have a better grasp over your game.

8.Know When to Escape

A good escape plan can help you instantly improve your game in Apex Legends. Pro players have many strategies for that. But, if you are a beginner, you would most likely have trouble with it.

So, know when you have to run and from where. Sometimes, running can save your life, which you can invest in later.

9.Map Awareness

Since keeping yourself moving in Apex Legends is so important, you must have a good knowledge of every map. Every building in the game has some peak and entrance points. Knowing these buildings will only help you have a better footing in the game. Again, while entering a building, try to go through the front door and travel through the less-traveled paths.

10.Train Yourself Better

By following these Apex tips and tricks, you can improve your game in Apex Legends instantly. But, your skills need to improve as well. So, keep training yourself in the training mode.

There you’ll get access to all the weapons and defeat your target. It’ll not only help in instant wins, but in improvement of your game over time as well.


Surviving till the end in the game is pretty challenging. But you can always follow these 10 tips to instantly improve your game in Apex Legends. These Apex tips and tricks will help you better your skills and gain a practical advantage on the live battlefield. However, if you wish to get even better at the game, then you can visit aim club to learn more here.

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