4 tips to increase your sales through Instagram using chatbots


Sales through Instagram are on the rise as it is an easily accessible platform and much more open to the public. Questions from new and old consumers in the comments and DMs are the bread and butter. For this reason, one of the sales tips on Instagram is toautomate responses within this social network.

In a few words, have an online chatbot . This tool allows you to generateautomatic responsesevery time users send a message or respond to a story. If users receive an instant and personalized response, it is difficult for them to search for other related businesses.

In addition, Instagram is one of the platforms that is gaining more and more importance among users. TheInstagram followers apps are also providing extra benefits to the users to get rapid boosting. According to an analysis by Hootsuite , the average user spends at least 30 minutes a day browsing within that social network.

Therefore, in this article you will learn about the importance of havingchatbots on Instagram. Also, what actions can take advantage of this tool so that your sales through Instagram have much greater power. Let us begin!

Instagram is one of the networks with the greatest reach to the public and where leads are captured very quickly. It is important to be there when a user requires it.

What is a chatbot for Instagram?

A chatbot for Instagram is a tool thatautomates conversationson this social network with preconfigured responses from an omnichannel platform . This way, every time a user writes to the Instagram chat or replies to a story, the botwill respond instantly.

The implementation of a chatbot for Instagram should be part of the strategies to increase sales since it has the ability to create an ideal conversation flow to close a sale. In addition, it cananswer frequent questionsabout your business or your products, which encourages the purchase decision to be accelerated.

While Instagram makes it easy to automate responses, it’s best to purchase the Instagram chatbot from an omnichannel platform . In this way, you can add it with your internal tools such as your database or CRM. Thus, all the information that you collect will be found in one place.

Why should you have a chatbot on Instagram?

You already know what a chatbot for Instagram is and part of its advantages. But if you are still in doubt between installing it or not, I will tell you some reasons to encourage you and implement it now.

  1. Instagram has one billion monthly active users. A lot of audience, right? Furthermore, it is estimated that 90% of all users follow at least one company . An opportunity that you cannot miss to offer good customer service through this channel.
  2. According to Instagram for Business , 2 out of 3 users stated that this social network allows them to communicate with brands. Likewise, 81% of users affirm that they reached a purchase decision thanks to the interactions and publications they saw on this network.
  3. One of the best communication channels to accelerate or scale the sales funnel is through Instagram, since the algorithms allow a greater personalized reach according to the content you publish. All this thanks to thehashtagfor Instagram that is used.

As you can read, Instagram is one of the social platforms with the greatest reach to the public and with the ability to capture quality leads . Therefore, it is essential to be at the moment when users find us. For example, responding to messages instantly is something that customers appreciate and ensures closing sales through Instagram.

Let’s put it in everyday life. If you meet someone, write to them and they leave you on seen for a long time, interest can be lost. The same would happen with a brand. The client is more volatile and has the power to continue looking for other businesses that meet their expectations.

That is why the chatbot for Instagram should be a priority within your business. In this way, you ensure that new users who find your business will always be answered,no matter what time or day. Remember that a chatbot will always be connected and ready to respond to customers.

How to use a chatbot for Instagram to increase sales?

The chatbot for Instagram should not only be intended to be available all the time or to respond with automated messages. With this tool you can deploy many conversational marketing strategies that aim to increase the sales of a business.

Next, you will learn how to squeeze all the benefits of this tool aimed at accompanying the customer in each phase of the sales funnel through Instagram.

In Up Selling and Cross Selling strategies

To put in context, we first explain what both terms widely used in digital marketing mean. In the case ofup selling, it refers to additional or improved sales of a product similar to the one the user chose. For example, the size of a hamburger or a portion of fries.

With up selling, the same product is offered, only with a larger or smaller size and with a similar price difference.

On the other hand,cross sellingmeans cross selling, it is a term widely used by all electronic businesses as part of their strategies to increase their sales . Here you are offered complementary products to the final product that the customer has purchased.

For example, dress shoes with a strap, or polo shirts with a hat and pants. They are products that complement each other and increase the purchase receipt.

Butwhat does thechatbot for Instagramhave to do with both strategies? A chatbot is an important tool for cross selling and up selling. For example, if a customer asks about a product, the bot can answer their question and additionally offer complementary products to increase their purchase receipt.

Best of all, chatbots can help close a purchase, which definitely helps increase sales through Instagram. By giving the customer a choice of specific products, it will be amore pleasant and less intrusive experience.

To reduce abandoned carts

Shopping cart abandonment happens in every business. But there are many reasons why customers add a specific product to pay and end up abandoning it. The price, a bad user experience within the web or mistrust are one of the factors that generate this type of problem.

For these cases , an online chatbot helpsreduce the risk of abandonment. For example, if a user doesn’t understand your shipping policies and wants to send you a DM, the chatbot can guide them with accurate and clear information about what the customer is looking for. Other cases are also repeated with payment methods or product details.

As you read earlier, it’s not just about responding to users with chatbots. They can also be used as a trusted source full of insights into what motivates your customers to abandon their shopping cart. If you analyze all the answers well, you can implement improvements and thus increase your sales.

Applying A/B Testing to Conversational Marketing

Securitec recently worked on an e-book on conversational marketing . He even dedicated an article to conversational chatbots . And it is that this technique is gaining more and more prominence, since the greatest interaction between a company and a client is through chats.

But what does A/B testing have to do with conversational marketing? In case you don’t remember, conversational marketing is the series of techniques that seeksto contact users naturallythrough digital platforms such as Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp. In a nutshell,chat as if you were just another contact.

With chatbots you can create two types of predetermined conversations on a single topic and evaluate which one is the most preferred by users or which of the two offers a better experience. This exercise will help you communicate better with your customers and learn how they want to be communicated with.

Remember that a good customer experience increases the chances of closing an online purchase. For this reason, it is essential to look for the best ways to put the chatbot to good use with correct and direct answers so that the user understands them easily.

During conversations between a bot and the user, there is key information about their habits that can be applied to your business projections.

To filter customers

I repeat it again,online chatbotsshould also be used as reliable data sources to create marketing actions that drive sales. Through the conversations between a bot and the user there is key information about their habits that can be applied to your commercial projections.

For this, it is important that your chatbots for Instagram are created from an omnichannel software , since all the conversations and customer information will be in an orderly wayin one place. Thus, you can review and know what are the true needs that your potential customers seek to cover.

Likewise, you can use your chatbots on Instagram to do a small interactive survey about what they like or dislike about your business, or some questions toimprove the customer experienceduring a purchase.

How to implement chatbots for Instagram with Ticker?

We want your sales through Instagram to continue growing. That’s why we make it easy for you to implement your chatbot for free with our omnichannel platform, Ticker. The only thing you have to do is the following:

  1. Sign in or create your Ticker account , there is no cost.
  2. Make sure your business Instagram account is commercial. If you do not know what it is or how to do it , I leave you this link to achieve it.
  3. Link your Instagram business accountto your business’s Facebook page. To achieve this, I leave you the steps in the following link .
  4. Allows access to Instagram messages. Sign in to your account through the app, then go to settings > privacy > Messages. Find “Connected Tools” and turn on theAllow access to messagesoption .
  5. Once you have your Instagram channel integrated, go to the Ticker chatbots module and create a new one. Remember that you can share your chatbot for Instagram with Facebook or WhatsApp. In addition, they work by days or time ranges.

You already know how a chatbot can help you increase sales on Instagram, what its benefits are and how to implement it. The next step is for you to start creating your own bots and creating actions that build trust with the customer. In addition, a good experience as a key factor to close a sale and retain your customers .

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