Is it possible to chat between two iPhones without using the Internet?


The Internet has opened new horizons of communication. From voice calls to video calls, everything looks like a dream. With each passing day, a new and innovative app is developed to offer seamless communication between people. When using these apps, you need to make sure to connect to reliable internet. Especially when it comes to video calls, you can’tcannot see the picture of another person without high-speed internet. If you have been searching for reliable internet in remote areas, HughesNet and Viasat are offering high-speed internet without charging much.

As most of the smartphone users in the United States prefer iPhone, the question may arise whether it is possible to chat between two iPhones without using the internet. The question seems to be somewhat silly, but sometimes when there is an internet outage, you might need to have a quick remedy.

Without a doubt, communication without the internet in the digital era is important and can’tcannot be ignored. Let’sLet us find the answers to whether it is possible to chat on iPhone without the internet. Let’sLet us get started.

Is it Possible to Chat between Two iPhones without Using the Internet?

The answer is no, you cannot chat between two iPhones without being connected to the WiFiWi-Fi. Moreover, iPhones cannot connect via cellular radios. However, having a WiFiWi-Fi access point, you can chat between two iPhones.

Don’tDo not rush if you have found the answer – there is so much more to read. The only possibility of chatting and texting without the internet is through the grid messenger app. You don’tdo not need to have an internet connection either 3G, 4G, or 5G. They are just like walkie-talkie apps that can help you communicate between two iPhones ranging between 100 to 200 meters. The apps work via broadcasting encrypted data through Bluetooth or WiFiWi-Fi.

If you are interested in knowing these apps, just take a looklook at some of the best apps, you can use to communicate between two iPhones without using the internet.


FireChat is one of the best applications you could try if you don’tdo not have an internet connection. Chat with people around you and have conversations secretly without letting others know. Install this app on your iPhone and chat with people while on the beach, a shopping mall, a concert, a subway, or any other public place. The app is simple to use and has a very friendly interface.

The app has also introduced FireChats where people can chat in groups without revealing their identity. Moreover, you can interact with as many as 10K people simultaneously. Even users can create fire chats of their choice depending on their mutual interests whether it be a football game, a Netflix series, a movie, or something relevant to politics and economics. The new feature acts like a forum where one has the liberty to join a group of their interests.

Signal Offline Messenger

If you are out of internet connection, try chatting with friends and people around you using Signal Offline Messenger. It allows you to chat with others without connecting to the internet up to the range of 100 meters. You can chat one on one or in a group. Don’tDo not worry about the security of messages sent through this app – all of them are secured and encrypted. With Signal Offline Messenger, send anything to your friends and family members including text, audio, or image.

The best part is if you are low on internet data or want to be savvy while using, Signal Offline Messenger is a way to go. The app can be used anywhere whether on a vacation to beaches in the Maldives, cruise ship, or safari park.


Internet is not available at all places and you need to have the solution to deal with it. If you are out of the internet and want to send an important message to your loved ones or friends, make sure to install Bridgefy. The application is an offline messaging application that allows you to chat with family and friends without needing the internet. All you need to do is to turn on your Bluetooth antenna. The application is very helpful when you are traveling abroad, attending the festival, visiting rural areas, or in the sports stadium. The application works in three modes namely person to person, mesh mode, and broadcast mode.


Briar is another safe application to use when you are not connected to the internet. The application is helpful for journalists, and activists who need a safe platform to communicate with one another. Unlike other apps like Telegram and Twitter, Briar does not depend on a central server. All the messages are synced with user devices. However, if you are not having internet, it can help you syncsynchronize all the data via Bluetooth.

Summing Up

In this post, we have seen whether is itit is possible to chat between two iPhones without an internet connection. AlsoIn addition, we have discussed the apps that work without the internet for communication purposes.

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