An Online Product Designer In Your Magento Commerce Website Can Boost Sales In 2020. Here’s How.

Survey any business, and 92% of them will tell you how interested they are in delivering a personalized experience to their customers. In this day and age, if a product or service is not tailor-made for consumers, they do not like to engage with the business. Simple.

Today, we see it in just about every industry, whether it is food, eCommerce, retail, or even the print industry. From fashion and apparel to stationery items and custom packaging to greeting cards and mobile covers, consumers of today can personalize just about anything under the sun.

Moreover, a Statista report predicts that digital buyer penetration will surpass 65% worldwide by 2021. Therefore, it is safe to say that personalization is more important than ever for business growth.

And, the need for the same is more significant in online printing businesses like yours that thrive on customization. Because your customers have an overload of items to choose from, from a multitude of websites, the scope of customization can help you define your services and differentiate you from other online printers.

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Without further ado, let us find out why adding a Magento 2 product designer to your Magento web-to-print website will be beneficial:

  1. Convenience

First things first: installing a Magento 2 product designer can offer a better customer experience. A research study by Epsilon claims that 80% of consumers prefer to purchase a product when the website provides a more customized shopping experience.

The users can access instant real-time quotations based on custom options, such as material, size, finish, and quantity. They can edit the designs on desktop or mobile, and manage different color palettes. Moreover, placing an order is easy too on the designer.

  1. Increased traffic

Modern technology enables you, the online printing company, to customize products according to your customers’ preferences. By integrating your content management system with the Magento 2 product designer, you can collect information about your customers.

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Using the data, you can customize your Magento 2 web-to-print website and offerings accordingly to drive more traffic and business. Everyone likes convenience. Your customers are not exempt from the thought process, either.

  1. Improved customer loyalty and engagement

What this means is that personalization plays a significant role in customer retention. More than sudden surges in conversion rates, your Magento web-to-print website would benefit more if there is a constant flow of sales on the platform.

Customer loyalty is a challenge for online printing businesses because customers have too many options to choose from, and change their preferences based on how easy it is to use the platform. A Magento product designer can help them have a smooth buying experience.

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Luxury retail brand Lane Crawford is an excellent example of providing customized choices for its customers. Apart from giving them free shipping, the website also invites its customers to join their’ world of style’. That is a section that shows the visitors the top three benefits of being a registered user in an animated way.

  1. Transparency

While customization and personalization are good for business, it is equally important to enable your customers to make their own choices in their shopping experiences. The whole point of online printing companies is to offer their customers the opportunity to design themselves.

For instance, designing coffee mugs, t-shirts, and phone cases can be customized according to the buyer’s preference. Research shows that 31% of customers wish that their shopping experience was more personalized and customizable than what it currently is.

You must provide your customers with a simple, ready-to-print template for personalizing the designs. If the system is not secure or the actions are too complicated, the customer may lose patience or interest, and move to another website for their purchase.

Design’N’Buy completely understands that. That is why it offers many features in its online designer. From the live preview, and extensive photo and vector library to text and image texting, and download proof – it offers an end-to-end solution to its users.

  1. Focused individuality

Travel agency Co-operative Travel saw a 95% increase in visitors on its website and a revenue growth of 217% by implementing personalization strategies on its website. But how did it manage to do that? We have the answer.

Individual marketing is a strategy used by many companies to leverage customer data and technology to deliver product offerings and personalized messages to the target audience. The online printing industry is highly competitive, and it would be highly beneficial if businesses offered their customers experiences that they like.

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With a Magento product designer, they can manage just that. For instance, BMW Germany was able to increase conversion rates by a staggering 30% by introducing a mobile campaign to sell winter tires. The reason? The campaign content was localized, timely, and relevant.

That shows that we are slowly moving from the mentality of “cheap costs” to “personalization,” “experience,” and “satisfaction.” Install a Magento product designer, and you will see that 1 out of 5 of your customers is ready to pay 20% more for an exclusive service.

Wrapping it up

If you have not dipped your toes in the personalization pool, do not worry. You do not need to bin your existing business model and start anew. A Magento product designer can upgrade your Magento web-to-print website by enabling your users to order personalized prints.

The tool adds a special touch. And if you are seeking to amp up your customization game, email us at with your business requirements, and we will give you explain how our product can help you with a personalized demo.

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