Making a Great Looking Video Podcast with Pop-up Displays

Video Podcast

Besides writing article on your blog, there is another great way to express your creative thoughts in more elegant way. And that is by making a video podcast related to your passionate topic.

If you are really eager to know about video podcast, there is plenty of great quality podcasts which you can easily find and watch them across the internet. For example, you can watch many awesome video podcasts from Gameloft, one of the top leading publishers of mobile gaming. Via their videos, Gameloft are always trying to deliver the latest updates of their projects., an iPhone game reviewer also has many cool videos related to iPhone games. Other great examples are the video podcasts from IGN, AppSpy, TouchArcade, and many more.

Creating a great quality video podcast is not an easy job. It requires many great tools, software and the most important thing, expertise.

  • Firstly, if you really want to start making your own video podcast on your blog, you must prepare a good quality video camera along with its tripod.
  • And then, in order to capture your voice and present it in clean result, you also need a microphone to make sure you can separate your voice with any noise around you, later in the video editing.
  • Great and fine structured script is also needed in order to make it easier for you to pronounce every word well in front of the camera.
  • Last but not least, the use of computer software related to video and voice recording is significant to edit the rough scenes and voices in the video so you can finally bring it to the viewers as much more professional video.

Beside of those tools, there is also one great equipment that for sure can make your video podcast look even more professional and elegant in front of viewers. And that is by using a pop up displays.

Pop up display , as many of you might know, or not, is a background display which usually being used by many people to promote their products in some important events, such as: pop up trade shows displays, events, job fairs, retail stores or other formal presentations.

Actually, besides to promoting products, the use of pop up displays can be a really fun if you can use it as the background in your video podcast. Let’s say, in your video, you act like a news anchor (to make it professional) to tell your viewers about the latest news around your passionate field, or maybe you can just be yourself in front of viewers and tell them about your stuff in casual and personal way. Well, the use of pop up display will obviously help you in many ways. It will make your video look even cleaner and elegant in front of viewers’ eyes, which eventually will bring more viewers and fans in the future, or even loyal customers. And then, the use of pop up display will also make it easier and faster for you to edit your video in the final editing, because pop up display will obviously cover everything outside your video, right?.

Anyway, if you decide to use pop up displays for your video podcast, there are bunch of great stuff that you can get. You can get a great pop up booths, cool background wall, trade show pop up, and also the awesome background graphics.

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